When Your In-Laws Are Crazy: 9 Reasons Why She Thinks Her In-Laws Have Gone Nuts

A woman recently took to Reddit to vent her frustrations about her in-laws. She recently gave birth and her in-laws wanted to visit immediately after her son was born. During The visit, chaos ensued. Here are the reasons why she thinks her in-laws are definitely nuts:

Didn’t Leave The House

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“First off, they did not leave the house at all [while they were in town]. So that meant I was in the house with them for 12 hours everyday while my husband worked during the day. We live in Chicago in a great neighborhood so the fact that they never left drove me nuts.”

Gawking Over Baby Bassinet

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“When they were here they would just sit over the baby’s bassinet all day and stare at him and making noises so much that they would keep him awake.”

Overstaying Their Welcome

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“They also kept saying that it was up to me when they would go home because they did not buy a return flight home. My husband and I got into a fight because he didn’t see how it was unfair to put that timeline on me. They wound up staying for 10 days and even then my husband’s father made a comment in front of me asking my mother-in-law (MIL) if she wanted to stay longer.”

Always Want To Hold The Baby

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“A few things that really rubbed me the wrong way while they were here was how my MIL would constantly come up to me asking if she wanted me to hold the baby.”

Interrupting Conversations

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“Whenever we would have friends over she would literally step in front of me while I was talking to check the baby’s diaper.”

Racing To Get The Baby

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“On the last day they were here we were both in the kitchen and the baby started to cry. I went to go check on the baby and she literally ran from behind me to get the baby before me.”

Telling Others Her Personal Struggles

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“I also had a very hard time breast feeding and with the baby gaining weight the first 6 weeks. She would constantly tell me about other people she just met who had the same problem as me. It just stressed me out that she was telling strangers my problems!”

Showing Baby Pictures to Strangers

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“After they left a week later we get a message from my MIL saying she uploaded all of her photos from the trip and put them on the tv at the assisted living facility that she volunteers at twice a week to show people during the bingo hour she hosted. I thought it was so weird!”

Idolizing Their Son

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“I’ll mention that my husband is the only child. I always thought it was weird how they slightly idolize him. His mom still hangs drawings he made in like second grade around the house – my husband is 37. They also have never thrown anything of his away ever.”

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