Saying No To Youtube Kids And Sippy Cups: 10 Moms Share Mainstream Parenting Habits That They Can’t Get On Board With

Parenting is a personal journey and every mother has her own way of doing things. However, there are some things that most moms do that some just didn’t do. Here are some examples of some of the things that some moms skip or do differently.

Sippy Cups

Little boy drinking water from baby cup in highchair
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“Sippy cups! I thought after bottles, my kiddo would use a sippy for a few years. I learned that depending on a number of factors, they can cause poor mouth development and should only be used for a short time. I bought a ton for my first kid (assuming I needed them) and only used them for a few months before switching to a straw (with the occasional sippy for travel). With my second, I plan to skip them altogether.”

Allowing Bumps and Falls

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“I don’t intervene for every possible bump or fall. If what she’s doing could lead to a small bruise or graze, I let her do it. I only intervene if I think it could be a bump on her head, a cut, or bigger injury. I don’t want her to be afraid of trying things, I want her to learn to problem solve and assess risk.”

Not Sharing Identity Online

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“Probably my only hardline issue is not putting my child’s identity online. So no announcements, posts or photos on social media.”

Laissez-Faire Approach to Screen Time

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“I have taken a much more laissez-faire approach to screen time. We don’t watch screens all the time, but I monitor the quality of the programming more than the time. Sesame Street? Go for it! My kid could identify the whole alphabet at 18 months old because of Sesame Street—it wasn’t my doing for sure! She surprised us all with that one. But something like Baby Shark? Nah, hard pass. There’s no value there.”

Avoiding Youtube Kids

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“Youtube kids. Not only is the content completely horrible and overstimulating, but the fact that our kids can just click and change the show constantly is so unhealthy for their attention span.”

Not Sleep Training

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“14 months and haven’t sleep trained in any form. Closest is that we’re getting ready to night wean. But I believe if baby wakes up and cries then they need something from mom, even if that something is just mom’s comfort.”

Not Swaddling or Using Pacifiers

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I didn’t swaddle or use pacifiers. Mostly cuz my baby didn’t like either. But I’m also iffy on pacifiers because I don’t think they’re great for jaw/teeth/tongue posture development.”

Cloth Diapers

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“Disposable diapers honestly. I’m only using them for night time or travel. I use cloth and elimination communication (EC). The EC is so that she’s not afraid of the toilet later down the line and not so much cuz I wanna potty train a 6-month-old.”

Wide Toe Box Shoes

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“My major one is I’m going to be buying her wide toe box shoes because I don’t want her feet to be pointed and get bunions later in life.”

No Smash Cake

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“A smash cake. He’s getting a cake for his 1st birthday (which is in a few weeks from now), but the cake will be cut neatly slices and a slice will be given to him on a plate like normal.”

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