Lazy Wife: He Is Fed Up With Her Always Asking Him To Fetch Things For Her So This Is What He Did

A man wonders if he should be obligated to always go back to the card to fetch the things his wife forgets to bring with her.

The man, who we’ll call Mose, complains about his wife being forgetful at times. When she does forget something, she always resorts to asking Mose to go back into the car to grab the item.

“My wife can be a little forgetful in general, but she has the habit of sending me to the car to grab something that she forgets pretty much every time we go somewhere. It is usually her purse, but has been other items as well. This happens like 99% of the time.”

Mose shares a recent experience when his wife asked him to grab her purse because she forgot to bring it with her.

“On Saturday we went out to eat and she left her purse in the car. I went and got it. When we got home she forgot it in the car again.”

At this point, Mose has reached his limit and refused to go back for the item. “At this point I flatly refused to do it anymore and have stuck to it since then.”

Soon after that incident, his wife forgot her purse in the car again. “Yesterday we went to her family for dinner, which she forgot it in the car again and I refused again.”

“She got a bit huffy with me, but went and got it,” Mose recalls. However, his wife’s family made him feel bad for not helping his wife out. “By the end of the night her and her sister were laying into me about it not being a big deal and how I should be willing to grab something she forgot. I don’t disagree if it was occasionally but am tired of doing it every time.”

Others Weigh In

Many sided with Mose, saying that perhaps she will remember if she has to grab the purse herself.

One person said, “Maybe her going to the car when she forgets things will help jog her memory in the future.” To which someone else replied, “That is how I got myself to remember the reusable bags when I go the the grocery store.

Another wonders if she is doing it on purpose. “At this point, it looks like she’s doing it purposefully. Is this some kind of flex on her part?” Someone else said, “If it’s so frequent that you say it’s ‘every time’, it’s a power move. Most likely subconscious but with the way her and her sister reacted, it might not be subconscious because they seemed to overreact to the situation.”

What would you do in this situation?

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