Office Politics And Pregnancy: She Believes The Company Is Trying To Fire Her Because She’s Pregnant

A woman suspects that her employer is attempting to terminate her position before she goes on maternity leave.

She Receives Negative Performance Review

A project manager suspects that her company is trying to fire her before she goes on her maternity leave. She received a negative performance review, including an action plan, 30 days before her scheduled review. “It included a lot of items that seemed subjective, like attitude problems, and several items that have never been brought to my attention by my supervisors prior to seeing it in writing on said review”, she said.

The review also included a complaint about a day when her responsibilities shifted to her supervisors when she thought she was in labor. She claims that the day would have been “seamless” had she worked it. The project manager has decided to “maliciously comply” with the action plan, copying her supervisors on every email and keeping a daily log of her activities. She is also seeking legal counsel to prepare for any scenario.

The project manager is determined to protect her leave and insurance between now and her due date. She said, “Unless they want to make it an obvious discrimination case, they’re going to have to keep me. I’m stacking up as much evidence as I can to make sure they have zero reason to let me go. So good luck to them. They underestimate how petty and thorough I can be.”

The project manager’s situation highlights the challenges that pregnant women and new mothers face in the workplace. Discrimination and retaliation against pregnant women are illegal, but unfortunately, they still occur.

Others Weigh In

The project manager’s story has garnered attention and support on Reddit. Commenters have offered advice and encouragement to the project manager. One commenter suggested, “I’d also ask for written feedback on your work from coworkers praising you/your work/your efforts.” This could serve as additional evidence to support her case.

Another commenter said, “Good for you! Definitely document everything! I cant stand when companies are so heartless.”

Many commenters expressed outrage at the situation and offered their support to the project manager.

One commenter said, “I cannot believe that a woman growing a child and working full time also has to fear for her job safety. It is disgusting. I’m rooting for you.”

Another commenter expressed confidence in the project manager’s ability to fight back, saying, “I feel like trying this on a project manager was their first mistake. Like, hello? Our job is literally documentation, risk management, communication, and being detailed. Good luck to your employer and Godspeed to you.”

Unfortunately, stories like the project manager’s are not uncommon. Discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers is still a prevalent issue in many workplaces. The project manager’s determination to protect her rights and document her efforts is a reminder that women should not have to choose between their careers and their families.

What would you do in this situation?

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