Pregnant Woman Extremely Rude To Her Cousin For Congratulating Her On This Big Life Event

In a recent case of a seemingly innocent misunderstanding, a cousin in Belgium contacted a 25-year-old woman in the United States to congratulate her on her pregnancy. The woman, who was keeping her pregnancy a secret, was surprised that her cousin knew about her pregnancy. She said, “It was such a random thing for her to say.”

Woman’s Mother Is The Culprit

The cousin confessed that it was the woman’s mother who had told her (the cousin’s) mother about the pregnancy. To throw off her cousin, the woman said that she wasn’t pregnant. However, the pregnant woman said, “[my cousin] texted me again saying, it was my mom who told her mom, and now she’s confused.”

Annoyed, the pregnant woman told her cousin, “it would’ve been better if she didn’t ask me at all. “I would’ve wanted to announce it instead on social media instead.”

The woman had recently discovered she was pregnant and had chosen not to share the news with her extended family. But, her mother had already shared it with her own.

The woman was naturally taken aback at her cousin’s confession, and how quickly the information had spread. She said, “I told her I wasn’t pregnant, and she started apologizing, saying it was probably a miscommunication. I just left her on read… I deleted the chat, and she just left me on read.”

I don’t know if I reacted a bit rude to her.”

This case highlights the importance of communication and respecting people’s wishes, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as pregnancy. While it is understandable that people want to share news and celebrate, it is also important to give people the respect and freedom to make their own decisions about when and how to make announcements.

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Others Say The Woman Is Angry At The Wrong Person

Many people have voiced their opinion on the situation, including one commenter who said, “Why are you being rude to your cousin when your problem is with your mother for telling people you were pregnant against your wishes? It seems you’re angry with the wrong person.”

Another offered the opinion that, “The cousin had no way of knowing she wasn’t supposed to know and was just trying to be nice, lying about not being pregnant and leaving [her] on read and then acting huffy is very uncalled for and over the line. The cousin did nothing wrong.”

A third pointed out, “Why are you blaming her? She was being polite, she didn’t leak the info your mother did. You should have contacted your mom as soon as she texted you the first time and told her to stop telling people. Frankly, your attitude towards [your cousin] is so bizarre. She was just trying to be polite, she did not post it on Facebook, she private messaged you.”

These comments show that the woman’s cousin was not in the wrong here, and that it was instead her mother who spread the news without her daughter’s approval.

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