“You Are Going To Be A Bad Mother” Pregnant Woman Shamed After Doing This

A pregnant mother was recently subjected to the unwanted judgment of a complete stranger, and it has left her feeling shaken.

The Backstory

The mother, who is 31 weeks pregnant, was out for a walk to grab lunch when she removed her coat as she was feeling too hot. The removal of her coat was enough to trigger a stranger to comment, “I can tell you’re going to be a bad mother, your baby must be freezing poor kid”.

The mother, who ranted on Reddit, was quick to point out, “My baby is very warm… it wasn’t cold, the sun was out and I had maternity knickers and tights and dress on – let alone my baby is my body temperature.”

Others were just as quick to come to her defense, with one quipping, “The baby who is in 24/7 climate control? I think that baby’s good.” Another added, “she probably has never been pregnant. Before pregnancy I was literally always cold. Now? I could wear a T shirt in the snow.”

The incident has become a learning lesson for the expectant mother as she prepares for motherhood. As one commenter pointed out, “If it helps, this is a great lesson to learn going into parenthood on how to manage other people’s opinions. If you haven’t received the unsolicited advice or comments from strangers/friends/family, you certainly will at some point (hopefully not to this extreme) and you absolutely can’t and shouldn’t take it personally because #1) that woman was mean and #2) nobody else is going to know what your baby needs better than you.”

The experience has also provided an opportunity to remind all parents-to-be that they are the best judge of what is best for their baby, and to not be swayed by the opinions of strangers or anyone else for that matter. As one commenter put it, “You know what your baby needs better than some random person on the street.”

This incident is a reminder that judgement should never be passed on someone else’s parenting style, and that everyone should take a moment to think before they speak. We should all remember that our words have the power to shape someone else’s day, and that sometimes it is better to just keep your opinion to yourself.

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Unsolicited Comments During Pregnancy

Others pointed out that people love to give comments as soon as they find out you’re pregnant, and even after giving birth. Here are some comments that people have received while pregnant:

  • “It took you 2 years to get pregnant….did you try taking prenatal vitamins”

  • “Just pee on an ovulation strip” (Thanks, I never thought of that. You solved infertility)

  • “Your baby looks too hot/cold, needs a hat, needs a nap, must be hungry”

  • “You must sleep train, you will thank me”

  • “I can’t tell your baby’s gender because you put their coat hood on them so it confuses me”.

This article has been inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Arnie Nicola

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