Seint Makeup – The  Best Makeup for Moms

This post is all about Seint makeup and why it’s the best makeup for moms!

best makeup for moms

If you’ve been on any social media platforms lately and found yourself deep in the side of makeup tutorials, you may have come across one of the most innovative makeup products that’s taken social media by storm. And now, you’re probably looking for Seint makeup reviews to find out more about Seint Beauty makeup. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here I’ll talk about Seint as a whole, how to purchase and where to purchase it. 

Wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about Seint makeup, formerly known as Maskcara Beauty. Sit tight, because I’m about to answer all the questions you might have about Seint Beauty!

How I got started with Seint

One day, while I was still pregnant with my baby girl, I was scrolling through instagram and stumbled upon this girl’s instagram who was also pregnant at the time. She was putting on her makeup, but in a way that was way different from the normal way of putting makeup on. I kept watching and was amazed at how she literally did her highlight and contour within 5 minutes and the makeup looked flawless! I got so curious, and so I got mu color match and purchased my own Seint makeup palette.

It didn’t take me long at all to fall in love with Seint makeup. I do wholeheartedly believe that this is the best makeup for busy women.Since I’m now a new mom, I was quickly sold on the fact that this is the best makeup for moms! Why do I think it’s the best makeup for moms? Well, because of how easy and quick it is to get full coverage of makeup. I signed up as a Seint Artist because of the ease of application, and also because of how beautiful the makeup looks on my skin!

Yes I am telling you right now that I am a Seint Artist just so you don’t feel like you’re given misleading information.

With that said, if you want to purchase Seint makeup, click here!

Also if you would like to get a FREE color match so you have the absolute best experience putting on makeup, click here!

Now, on with the show…

What is Seint and what’s so great about Seint makeup? 

Seint (formerly Maskcara Beauty) was founded by Cara Brook with the notion that all women are beautiful and Seint helps women recognize the beauty within. Seint is a beauty company that sells makeup and skincare products. Although it also sells skincare products, Seint specializes in 3D foundation. It is meant to simplify your makeup routine: whereas putting on a full face of makeup might have taken an hour or more in the past, with Seint, you can put on your makeup (highlight and contour included) within 5-10 minutes. 

Also, Just an FYI, as of now, Seint is only available in the US and in Canada. That’s right: Seint makeup is in Canada! Woohoo!

Cream Foundation

Most of Seint’s makeup products are cream, and the contours and highlights have coverage. This just means that your brightening highlight, main highlight, and contour completely replace your foundation. This also means that you can put everything on your face at the same time and blend everything out at the same time. Because the products are all cream, the makeup melts on your skin, harsh lines are easily blendable, and your whole makeup looks cohesive and doesn’t leave texture. It also leaves your skin looking like it has an airbrushed finish because the product blends so easily.

Everything In One Palette

Seint makeup is fully customizable, except for a few collections where you purchase everything as a set. This means that if you only use foundation and blush, you can purchase a basic kit that only has your 3D foundation and Lip & Cheek. If you like to wear a full face of makeup, you can add eyeshadows and eyeliners in your palette as well.

Did I mention that the Blush also doubles as lipstick? That’s another thing with Seint: a lot of the products are so versatile that it really eliminates the need for a bulky makeup bag. Here are some examples:

  • Lip & Cheek: Can be used for both lips and as a blush
  • Contour: Can be used as lip liner and to fill in eyebrows
  • Vanilla Dust Setting Powder: Can also be used to prime your eyelids for eyeshadow.

The brushes are also double ended, so the brushes you bring with you are cut in half!

Because everything is in one palette, it makes it easier to travel. Another thing: The products are cream, so you don’t have to put your makeup in your ‘liquids’ bag when flying!

How expensive is Seint makeup?

Seint makeup cost is comparable to the price of makeup in stores like Ulta or Sephora. One tin costs $14 USD or $20 CAD. 

However, when first introduced to Seint, some people may be taken aback by the price. To have the best experience, Seint artists will always recommend purchasing a contour, main highlight, and brightening highlight and at least one Lip & Cheek. This basic Seint makeup palette ends up costing around $70 USD or $120 CAD in total, which may seem like a steep price to pay for makeup.

Honestly though, the value of what you’re getting (simplified makeup, everything is compact, beautiful finish on the face) is worth the initial investment, and I am not just saying that because I am a Seint artist. If you add up the cost of the contour, highlight, foundation and concealer you use right now, what would it cost you? Probably the same amount!

For example, Here’s what my old makeup cost me:

That’s a total of $192! Not to mention that my makeup used to have some texture because not all of these are cream products. And I always had a bulky makeup bag.

And if you are still on the fence, just remember that replacement products after this initial investment won’t cost you as much. It may also end up saving you money because you really only need to replace the tins you ran out of. For example, if you run out of your main highlight, you only need to purchase a main highlight again, and can still keep using the rest of your makeup as is.

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Is Seint makeup sold in stores? Where can I buy Seint makeup?

Seint Beauty is not sold in stores, it is only sold online. If you are wondering how you can figure out which shades to get for your 3D foundation without trying on the shades in stores, don’t worry! That’s why Seint Artist are for! You can go to any Seint Artist and ask for a color match, and they will be able to give you your perfect colors! And if you’re not happy with your color match or with the product, Seint has a very generous 30 Day return policy, so you can shop with confidence. 

Want a FREE color match? Click here to get color matched by me!

Now, if you are wondering, ‘is Seint good quality?’, the answer is a resounding yes! Don’t let the fact that Seint products aren’t sold in stores fool you. Most products are made with only 11 ingredients and don’t contain toxic ingredients such as parabens. So you can be certain that the makeup you’re putting on your skin is of high quality. 

Is Seint Beauty an MLM?

Yes, Seint does have an MLM (multi-level marketing) structure, but please don’t automatically assume that Seint is a pyramid scheme. As you know, many large companies such as Amway, Avon, Arbonne, and Tupperware all have MLM structures, and none of these are pyramid schemes.

According to Illuminate Beauty, the founder of Seint had the opportunity to sell her makeup idea to big beauty corporations, but she opted for an MLM structure because she wanted clients to have a one-on-one help available to them when they need, from women who are invested in their businesses so that they offer the best possible help they can give. 

So what does this mean for you? It just means that if you need help troubleshooting your new Seint makeup, you can always reach out to the artist you purchased from for help. It also means that if you end up loving the product, you can sign up under an existing artist in order to start your own Seint business and help other women learn about 3D foundation and how different it is from other makeup products out there.

Want to sign up as a Seint Artist? Click here!

How long does SeiRent makeup last?

Seint makeup lasts a long time, but here’s a more specific look at how long each tin should last with medium coverage, used everyday:

  • Highlight: 2 – 4 months
  • Contour: 3 – 6 months
  • Lip & Cheek: 6 – 12 months
  • Illuminator: 9 – 12 months

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Does Seint makeup last all day?

Seint makeup is definitely long-lasting. Based on experience, when I put it on in the morning, I still have good coverage by night. The makeup also doesn’t shift, as I’ve noticed some makeup tends to do on my skin because I have slightly oily skin. 

However, if you would like to make absolute certain that your makeup lasts all day, I highly suggest priming your skin with a primer, and setting your skin with a setting spray. The Seint setting Spray is perfect for this because it doubles as a primer! 

Does Seint have clean ingredients?

According to the official Seint website:

“We use very high quality ingredients but we don’t feel comfortable using unregulated terms like “Non Toxic”, “Hypoallergenic”, “Non Comedogenic”, “Oil Free”, “All Natural”, “Organic”, “Mineral Free”, etc.”

Seint makeup ingredients can be found in each product page in the official Seint website. I will say that most of the makeup is made of only 11 ingredients, and is cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free. 

How to buy Seint Makeup?

Are you sold on Seint yet?!

Before you whip out your credit card, I want to let you know that you should get a color match with a Seint Artist before going on the website to shop Seint. After you get your free color match, you can confidently go on the website to purchase everything you need to get started with Seint 3D makeup. 

What are you waiting for?! Get a free color match now!

Have you received your color match? Click here to purchase your makeup! 

Save this link to purchase more makeup on the future: 

How to apply Seint Makeup?

Now that you’ve got your Seint makeup, you might be wondering how to set up your palette and how to get started. Well don’t worry, I got you covered! Head over to this link to watch my short tutorial on how to use Seint makeup. I also have a whole slew of Seint makeup tutorials on my instagram (@arnienicola) that will show you Seint makeup application, so you can quickly learn how to HAC (highlight and contour)! I am so excited for you!

Here are two videos that you can use as a guide to apply your Seint makeup:

Best makeup for Busy moms

Now that I’ve told you everything you need to know to get started and be successful with your new 3D foundation, let me make the case that this is the absolute best makeup for busy moms. In fact it’s honestly the best makeup for any busy woman out there! 

If you are wondering what makeup to get for your mom, this is the product to get. Cream makeup does wonders for mature skin, and the 3D foundation will help give her a lifted look! And did I mention that it takes around 5 minutes to apply?!

With all the things moms need to do on a day to day basis, it’s a wonder no one is asking how moms put on makeup everyday. Well if that is your question, honestly, the answer is very very quickly. Most days they only have time to put on lipstick and maybe mascara, but with Seint makeup, we can change that! This makeup is honestly so easy to use and so fool proof, it can be applied while waiting in the car, if you’re in a pinch, and that’s why this is the best makeup for busy moms!

Click here for an easy makeup routine for moms!

This post was all about Seint makeup and why it’s the best makeup for busy moms.

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