Mommed S10Pro Breast Pump Review: A Comprehensive Look At Its Performance

Searching for an affordable, hands-free breast pump solution? The MomMed S10Pro breast pump might be the solution for you. I’ve tested and reviewed this breast pump for its performance and effectiveness and as per usual, MomMed didn’t disappoint. 

mommed s10pro
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Offering a hassle-free pumping experience, the MomMed S10Pro comes with innovative features and a user-friendly design. In this review I aim to provide a glimpse into this breast pump from a neutral and informed perspective.

Why Choose MomMed?

MomMed emerges as a prominent online store offering baby and maternity supplies. With the intent to facilitate convenient and affordable pumping experiences for working mothers, MomMed introduced a portable, wearable breast pump. This innovative device is designed for moms who have an oversupply as it is made to hold more in volume than its older counterpart.

Key Features of the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump

Enjoyable and User-Friendly Design

The MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump is made to provide a comfortable experience for nursing mothers. Its soft, flexible silicone breast shield ensures a secure fit and delivers optimal suction for efficient milk collection. The device is lightweight, compact, and simple to use, but is also equipped with larger capacity and has longer battery life than the S21 breast pump. These features makes it suitable for mothers who have an oversupply of breastmilk. 

Hands-Free Pumping and Extra Support

Designed for multitasking, the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump allows mothers to engage in other activities while pumping, such as working, cooking, or attending to their child. Its noise levels are low, providing a discreet and comfortable pumping environment. Furthermore, the pump includes a support bra strap that can be conveniently worn inside most nursing bras. This adjustable bra strap ensures a secure fit and enhances the hands-free pumping experience.

Affordable Investment

The MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump offers an economical solution for breastfeeding mothers. At the time of writing, the S10Pro costs $109.90 USD for two breast pumps at the time of purchase. At this price range, it is significantly less expensive compared to leading hands-free breast pumps like the Medela Freestyle or the Elvie breast pump. It also costs less than its predecessor, MomMed S21 Breast Pump, which sells for $119.99. This affordability makes the MomMed S10Pro an attractive investment, providing convenience, functionality, and value to nursing moms.

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Accessories and Replacement Parts

The MomMed S10Pro breast pump package includes a variety of essential items to ensure a smooth and successful breastfeeding experience. Included in the package are:

  • 2 wearable breast pumps, each consisting of:
    • Silicone breast shields
    • Pump motor
    • Silicone diaphragm
    • Milk collector
    • Duckbill valve
  • 2 bra adjustment straps
  • 2 small cleaning brushes
  • 2 pieces of 24mm flange inserts
  • 2 type-C charging cables
  • 2 fabric storage bags
  • 1 pack of milk storage bags
  • 1 pack of children cooling patch (to help reduce fever, pain relief and for instant cooling)
  • Nipple Ruler so you can easily figure out what size flange you will need
  • User manual and breastfeeding manual
mommed s10pro
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The silicone breast shields play a crucial role in the pumping process by creating a comfortable and effective suction on the breast. These soft and gentle shields help make pumping pain-free and enjoyable.

The package has 24mm flange inserts, which serve as the standard size. However, those in need of alternative sizes (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, or 24mm) can purchase them through the MomMed website or Amazon.

In case replacement parts are needed, the package comes with 2 extra silicone diaphragms and 4 extra duckbill valves. The package available on Amazon provides all the necessary components listed above for a successful pumping experience.

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How to Operate MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump

Setting Up the Pump

The MomMed S10Pro breast pump is user-friendly, especially for those who are new to breast pumps. When you unbox the pump, you will find it already assembled, allowing you to familiarize yourself with its structure. This will make it simpler for you to disassemble and reassemble the device whenever necessary. Additionally, an informative user manual accompanies the pump to guide you through the assembly process.

mommed s10pro
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Adjusting Pump Motor Options

The pump motor is equipped with a digital display that shows the current settings. Users can choose from three different settings, each with 9 intensity levels:

  • Expression setting
  • Stimulation setting
  • Automatic setting

To switch between settings, press the power button, and use the “M” button to navigate through the different modes and the “+/-” buttons to increase or decrease the levels.

Many experienced mothers prefer the highest level in expression mode to maximize milk output during each pumping session. However, for those who are just beginning their breastfeeding and pumping journey, it is advisable to start with the lowest intensity and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable with the process.

Utilizing the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump

Maintaining Privacy and Discretion

Unlike the S21 breast pump, which was designed with the intention of enabling women to pump milk discreetly, the S10Pro is designed to hold more breastpump for mothers with an oversupply of breast milk. However, any breastfeeding mother can use this breast pump, no matter how abundant or little your supply is. 

My Personal Experience


Upon opening the package, it was evident that careful attention was paid to the minimal yet well-organized presentation. Included with the breast pump were cleaning brushes, milk storage bags, cooling patches and a fabric storage bag, which were pleasant additions.

Product Assembly

As someone with prior experience using breast pumps, assembling the product was a breeze. However, I imagine it would still be easy to start using for those new to using breast pumps as the instructions are clear and the breast pumps are already fully assembled, which makes it easy to study how the pieces all fit together. 

Pumping Experience

The breast pump exhibited impressive suction and managed to extract a few ounces of milk within a 20-minute time frame. This output is reasonable given that I no longer exclusively breastfeed my 21-month-old child. Even the digital display was easy to navigate as there were separate buttons for choosing the modes and choosing the levels. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Efficient and Natural Suction: The MomMed S10Pro Wearable Breast Pump features three modes and nine suction levels, closely resembling a baby’s suckling motion to encourage efficient milk production.
  • Anti-Leak Design: The integrated design and closed system of the S10Pro pump prevent milk leakage and backflow, ensuring a clean and hygienic pumping experience.
  • Lightweight: The ergonomic semi-circular body of the S10Pro pump fits comfortably under clothing, enabling mothers to pump on the go without any added weight.
  • Convenience and Low Noise: Equipped with an LCD screen and user-friendly physical buttons, the S10Pro pump is simple to operate. It’s also very quiet, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your baby’s sleep by the noise of the breast pump.
  • Compatibility and Accessories: The S10Pro pump is compatible with widely available replacement parts, offering convenience and flexibility. Furthermore, MomMed provides a variety of accessories to accommodate different needs.


  • Not Inconspicuous: This breast pump was not advertised to be used inconspicuously, so this isn’t really a con, but I thought I’d point out that just like the S21 version, this breast pump cannot be used outside the home without being noticeable. However, I will say that many women will probably not pump outside the home anyway (unless they are at work, in which case they should be provided by their workplace with a breast pumping room.)
  • Large Flange: The Flange that the pump comes with might be too large for many women as it is a 27mm flange. However, the package does come with a 24mm flange insert that can be used if needed. If an even smaller flange is needed, there is a nipple ruler that you can use to determine which size flange you will need to purchase either from Amazon or the MomMed website.
mommed s10pro
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Comparing The S10Pro Vs S21 Breast Pumps

There’s quite a few differences between the two breast pumps from MomMed. Here are the notable differences between the two: 

MomMed S10Pro: MomMed S21:
Suitable for mothers who experience breast milk oversupply Suitable for mothers with sensitive nipples
Large capacity, Long standby and efficient output Lightweight, Discreet and Comfortable
180 minutes battery life (about 6-8 sessions) 150 minutes battery life (about 5-6 sessions)
3 modes with 9 levels 3 modes with 12 levels
Recommended fill up to: 180ml or 6 ounces Recommended fill up to 160ml or 4 ounces
Price: $109.90 Price: $119.99

As you can see, the biggest difference is the size and the amount of breastmilk that can be collected in each cup. Another big difference is the longer battery life and the lower price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MomMed S10Pro compare to other wearable breast pumps?

The MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump is an excellent option for mothers seeking a portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution. Its double-wearable design and low noise output make it highly convenient for on-the-go use. When compared to other wearable breast pumps in the market, the MomMed S10Pro stands out due to its efficiency and affordability.

What modes and settings are available on the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump?

The MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump offers three pumping modes and 9 adjustable levels, allowing for a customizable pumping experience tailored to individual needs. The three distinct settings include expression, stimulation, and automatic.

Is the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump available on Amazon?

Yes, the MomMed S10Pro Breast Pump can be purchased on Amazon, as well as on the MomMed website.

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