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This post is all about the best baby subscription box.

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best baby subscription box

If you are looking to get the best baby subscription box for your baby, trust me you are not alone! Taking care of another human is a lot of work, and sometimes, we just don’t know what we don’t know! That’s why sometimes, getting a subscription box for your baby is the best investment (ie. if you don’t know what toys to get your baby, a toy subscription box is definitely the best solution!). Plus, I’m not going to lie, I always look forward to getting my baby’s subscription box every other month. According to money crashers, lots of people are getting subscription boxes because of the convenience, potential savings and just the thrill of getting a package.

Sometimes too, you just don’t have the time to prepare your baby’s food, especially when they are starting to eat. That’s why a food subscription box might make the most sense to you.

Other times, you just don’t want to be bothered with having to go to the store to buy diapers, clothes, etc, so a diaper, or clothing subscription box makes the most sense in times like these.

Whatever your reason is, I have gathered the absolute best baby subscription box for each category to help make #momlife so much easier!

What To Look For In A Baby Subscription Box

If you are looking into getting a baby subscription box, you should have a few criterias in mind so that you don’t waste your precious money, and also so that you don’t sign up in a million different subscription boxes only to find that you don’t even really need those items. 

Criteria for choosing a baby subscription box:

Think about these questions when looking for a baby subscription box.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Would you like to have age appropriate toys for your baby? Or perhaps you really don’t want to spend so much time preparing your baby’s foods and thinking about what to feed him/her? Perhaps you want to reduce the amounts of time you have to rush to the grocery store to buy diapers and wipes. 

Take all these into consideration when thinking about what baby subscription box to sign up for so that you can accomplish your goal and also properly direct your resources exactly where you want them to go.

What’s your budget

It’s no secret that baby subscription boxes cost money. Sometimes, people are not willing to pay for such services, and other times, they are all too willing to pay for someone else to send items for them. Either way, you have to think about what you are spending your money on, and more importantly, what’s your budget? Are you ok with paying more for more items, and better quality? Or would you like to pay less money but also be able to provide your child with what they absolutely need? 

If you have a specific budget in mind, then you can further narrow down your choices, and the amount of subscription boxes you will sign up for.

Look for an items list for your subscription box

This one I think is super important. When doing your research, you should look at an items list of what you are getting each month. This is so that you can see if what you are paying for makes sense, but also so that you can see whether you will actually use all the items that will be sent to you. If you don’t think you will make use of most if not all the items that you will be sent in a subscription box, it may be better for you to not sign up and pay for individual items that you really want. 

Best Baby Subscription Box Per Category.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the best baby subscription box for each category.

Best educational toys for babies – Lovevery Play Kits

best baby toy subscription box
Source: Lovevery

If you have been reading some of the posts that I’ve written, you’re probably not surprised that Lovevery is on top of my list. I purchased their playkit subscription even before my baby was born, and continue to receive it every two months. There are a lot of toy subscription boxes available right now, but I would like to say if you are looking for the best educational baby subscription box, Lovevery is the best one.

This best baby toy subscription box sends the first subscription box for the first 3 months, and they send the next ones every two months until your baby’s first birthday. Beyond the first year, the boxes are sent every quarter (every three months).

  • Made with high quality materials
  • Developmentally appropriate for your baby’s age
  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing toys
  • Takes out the guesswork on what toy you should get for your bab
  • Cost
  • Some toys your baby may not be interested in 

As you can see, I am hardpressed to find a con for the Lovevery subscription kits because I honestly can’t think of any!

Click here to purchase Lovevery’s Play Kits

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Best educational for toddlers – Kiwico Koala Crate

best baby toy subscription box
Source: Kiwico

This provides different boxes that have activities based on a specific theme. On their website, some of the different themes that they have are: Ocean Games, Doctor’s Visit, and Rainbows. It provides learning opportunities for toddlers while keeping everything fun!

  • Different theme for each subscription box
  • Crates come automatically each month
  • One of the most affordable playkits available
  • Don’t know what you’re going to get each month (can’t preview the box’s items)

Click here to purchase Kiwico’s Koala Crate

Best montessori toys – Monti Kids Program

best toy subscription box
Source: Montikids

If you are into montessori and would like to provide classic montessori toys to your children, Montikids has just the thing. It has a subscription box that are sent out every three months. The toys are made of good quality materials and you can be sure that your child has all the classic montessori toys for the appropriate age. This is one of the best toy subscription box.

  • Classically montessori toys
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Can see the exact items that are inside each kit
  • Provides one on one parent support with the subscription
  • Costs $195. Price can be too expensive for some people

Click here to subscribe to the Montikids Program

Best diaper subscription – Hello Bello

mother and baby subscription box
Source: Hello Bello

If you are looking for a set it and forget it diaper subscription service, Hello Bello is your best bet. The diapers are shipped every 5 weeks and comes in the cutest patterns. These diapers are hypoallergenic, are chlorine free, with out artificial fragrances, parabens and more.

  • Can cancel anytime
  • Made of clean ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic and without artificial fragrances, parabens and phthalates
  • Honestly the only con I see is if you order two sizes and have more of the size you don’t need anymore. We know babies grow fast! So it’s hard to predict. 

If you’d rather go with Pampers or Huggies, you can get diapers automatically sent to you via amazon!

Click here to purchase Hello Bello Diapers

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Best baby subscription box for books subscription – Literati Neo Book Club

baby subscription box toys
Source: Literati

If you want your baby to love books, it’s best to start them off young. Literati is a book club that you pay into (costs $9.95 a month) and literally has books for all ages. If you are looking for books for babies (0-3 years old), you will want to go with the Neo book club, and if you are looking for books an older child, you can go with Sprout (good for 3 -5 years old). This baby subscription box toys is great for your baby.

You get sent a set of books each month, get one week to explore each book, and send back only the books you don’t love. I love how you get to try out different books, and only get to keep the ones you and your little one absolutely love.

  • Age appropriate books available from 0 year olds
  • You get to sample a variety of books before committing
  • Books are hand picked specifically for the age of your little one
  • Returns are free
  • You can cancel any time
  • Most of the books are not montessori aligned if you follow montessori (based on fantasy and have 2D & 3D illustrations

I love the idea of this book subscription. The only con I could think of is if you are montessori aligned, these books might not suit your needs. 

Click here to purchase Literati Neo Book Club

Best baby food subscription box – Little Spoon

newborn subscription box
Source: Little Spoon

If you don’t want to think about what to feed your baby and when to introduce certain foods, you should try Little Spoon

Little Spoon offers baby food at $2.75 per blend (if ordering 3 meals per day) which is not a bad price if you think about it. The food get delivered every two weeks. You don’t have to think of what to fed your baby because you will always have the right food available for when you feed your baby. You can customize the types of meals and the amount of meals per day that you get from Little Spoon.

To top it off, it is a healthier alternative to many of the different baby foods available. According to Little Spoons, its food arre free from heavy metals, artificial flavours, sweeteners and preservatives, so you know you are giving your baby the best food.

  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Healther alternative to other baby foods
  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Doesn’t provide finger foods for babies – only provides purées 

If you are doing baby led weaning with your baby, unfortunately you won’t be able to find a subscription box for baby led weaning. Your best bet would be to introduce solids with food you prepare yourself, and then get into a baby subscription box when your baby is a bit older. 

Click here to purchase Little Spoon

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Best baby clothing subscription – Surprisly

newborn subscription box
Source: Surprisly

Lastly if you are looking for baby clothing subscription box, Suprisly is the best option. If you don’t want to spend another moment trying to think about what your baby will wear, you gotta try thing baby clothing subscription. It’s a great option for a newborn subscription box.

  • You get a curated selection of clothing every month. 3 different outfits for your little one
  • Unique and quality clothing at below retail price
  • Cute, stylish and one of a kind outfits
  • Free shipping
  • You can’t see the clothing you are getting beforehand
  • You have to send an email to cancel your subscription

Click here to purchase Surprisly

This post was all about the best baby subscription box.

We hope you found this list helpful! If so, show us some love in the comments below!

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