Millennials And Gen X Agree: Gen Z Is Missing Out On These Conveniences From The Past

While Gen Z may have grown up with more advanced technology and cultural trends, there are certain things that millennials experienced that they may be missing out on. Here are eleven millennial things that Gen Z is missing out on.

Not Having Everything Uploaded to the Net

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One thing that Gen Z is missing out on is the ability to make mistakes without having them forever documented on the internet.

Live Performances Without Phones in the Air

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Millennials and Gen X were able to attend live performances without millions of phones blocking their view, allowing for a more immersive experience.

Affordable Live Concerts

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Another thing that Gen Z is definitely missing out on is the ability to attend live concerts without breaking the bank.

Couch Co-Op Games

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While online gaming has become more prevalent, millennials were able to enjoy couch co-op games without needing multiple systems and setups.

Self-Esteem Affected by Immediate Peers

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Millennials experienced self-esteem that was affected only by their immediate peers, rather than the influence of the internet, which is what Gen Z is experiencing today.

Free Range Parenting

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Gen Z may be missing out on the experience of free range parenting, where kids were encouraged to play outside and explore without constant supervision. “I was actively forced out of the house during the day. The sun is shining, get out, don’t come home until dinner time unless there’s a problem. It’s completely inconceivable to someone who’s never experienced this sort of upbringing.””

Freedom from Electronics

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Millennials were able to enjoy time outside without being constantly connected to technology and social media. “I’d go out and never give a thought to who might be doing what or what some pretend famous person had to say about anything.”

Handwritten Letters and Mix Tapes

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Another thing that Gen Z may be missing out on is the experience of handwritten letters and mix tapes, which were popular forms of communication and expression in the past.

Feeling Safe at School

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Millennials may have experienced a greater sense of safety at school, without the prevalence of school shootings and other safety concerns that are more common today.

Being Uncontactable for a Weekend

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Gen Z may feel pressure to be constantly available and responsive, while millennials and gen X were able to enjoy weekends without the expectation of constant communication.

Appreciating Technology

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Growing up with smartphones and the internet, Gen Z may take technology for granted, while millennials were able to appreciate the convenience and advancements of technology as they emerged. “When you grow up with smart phones and the internet, it’s easy to think things have always been this convenient.”

Quality of Fast Food and Chain Restaurants

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“The quality of fast food and chain restaurants was way better in the 90s. Places like Pizza Hut were amazing and the food wasn’t all processed and frozen.”

Not Everything Was Politicized

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“Generally speaking, politics was something you heard about occasionally and rarely invaded your life. Now it seems to be 24/7 with every issue being politicized. In short, the world seemed less negative and not divided. On the other hand, making progress for all people is important and I’m hoping the current generations can make that happen.”

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