14 Useful Tips On How To Treat Your Pregnant Wife

This post is all about how to treat your pregnant wife.

how to treat your pregnant wife

To start off, let me just say: pregnancy is hard. Even if your lady partner has had the least amount of symptoms, there are still days when it gets to be too much for her. Growing a baby, and having to carry all that extra weight, not to mention all the hormones raging through her body can be too much sometimes. As a good partner, I salute you for taking the time to read these tips on how to properly treat your pregnant wife.

This post is all about how to treat your pregnant wife.

1. Don’t call her fat

I feel like this one should be obvious, but if it’s not, here it is. Please. Do NOT call your pregnant wife fat. Not even when you’re saying it as a joke. We already know we’re gaining weight, and we have crazy cravings we can’t control. We know. You don’t need to rub it in. (You’ve been warned!)

2. Encourage her to get moving

On that same note, encourage her to stay active or at least get moving. It is way too easy as a pregnant lady to just stay in bed due to fatigue. So whenever you can, carve some time out of your day to go on walks with her around the neighbourhood. Alternatively take her out on a date somewhere new or somewhere you haven’t been in a while, where you will be doing a lot of walking.

3. Help her pick things up off the floor

As your pregnant wife gets later into the third trimester, that bulging belly will start to become more of a hindrance–especially when trying to pick things up off the floor. So when she asks for your help, help her!

Pro tip: get her one of those tongs so she can use it to pick things up off the floor even if you’re not around!

4. Help her carry heavy items

Especially during the later months of her pregnancy, carrying heavy items could throw her off balance, so make sure to assist her if and when she needs to have heavy items carried. On the other hand, if you are not around and she needs to carry something heavy (ie. if she’s ordered someting heavy from Aamzon that just got delivered), remind her to leave the item where it is and you’ll do the heavy lifting once you get home.

5. Be understanding of her mood swings

Your pregnant wife will most certainly have mood swings throughout her pregnancy. Just try to understand the hormones raging through her body. And please be understanding of her, even though you may secretly think she’s being unreasonable.

6. When she needs assistance, assist her

As your wife progresses through pregnancy, there may be things she used to be able to do that are now getting to be more difficult. Some of these things may be doing chores, picking things up off the floor, and carrying heavy items. When these things happen and when you notice that she’s struggling, make sure you rush to her aid and help her.

7. Tell her you love her stretchmarks

I was complaining to my husband one day about my newfound stretch marks on my belly the other day, and he rubbed them gently and told me he loves them. I just about swooned and felt so emotional when he said that! It may seem like a small thing, but for a woman who’s going through so many changes to her body and frustration over the things she can’t control, this could be the best thing to say to her to reassure her and make her feel that you still love her even through all the changes she’s going through.

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8. Encourage her to eat healthy

As the partner assisting her through her pregnancy, you should offer suggestions on how both of you could eat healthier. Maybe all she wants to eat are fast foods and desserts, but if you say that you want to eat a salad, or baked salmon and veggies for a change, at least you can persuade her to eat healthy as well.

9. Take her out for walks

Carve some time out during the weekend and also after work to take her out for walks, because honestly if you don’t do it, she may not get off the couch and go for walks by herself! This becomes even more important as she nears the end of her pregnancy so that she will have an easier labour, and so she can induce labour.

10. Show affection and call her beautiful

As a pregnant, hormonal lady, she will most definitely appreciate the affection you show her. So make sure you are consistently giving her compliments as she progresses in her pregnancy.

11. Watch and read about how you can help during labour

If you’re a first time parent, this is a must! Both of you probably have no idea how labour will go, and honestly reading up or watching videos on how you can help out during labour will go a long way. To get you started, here’s a great video to watch so you can help assist your pregnant wife during labour.

12. Don’t ever tell her labours gonna be easy

Even as a joke, please don’t tell her this. If you’ve never experienced labour, do not assume it’s going to be easy. And if she’s never experienced it either, she may just end up biting your head off if you say this. There are a lot of uncertainties related to giving birth that are undoubtedly keeping her anxious, and you don’t want to dismiss her feelings regarding this topic by telling her it’s going to be easy.

Instead, why not tell her that you will be there every step of the way, and that her midwife or the doctors at the hospital are for sure going to help her get through everything? That way, you are recognizing that anything could happen, but that you are there supporting her every step of the way.

13. Make sure she drinks enough water and eats less sweets

Remind her daily and constantly to drink more water, and also eat less sweets. If the only thing she’s craving are sweets, get her berries and fruits instead. Cut up the fruits for her to eat, and make sure to get rid of all the processed sugar from your home. That way, when she’s craving sweets, she’ll be reaching for those fruits you’ve already cut up for her.

14. Do the chores she can’t do while pregnant

If your pregnant lady is anything like me, she’s probably gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and all the added weight has added pressure on her back and hips. If this is the case, you’ll notice that she’s always short of breath while doing just the simple stuff. Not to mention, simple things such as cleaning the washroom could become tough for her with all the bending involved.

Do her a favour and do the chores that she can’t do, or is having trouble with while she’s pregnant. This may look like cleaning the washroom as was previously stated, taking out the trash, or even simply putting the dishes back in their proper place from the dishwasher. Trust me, she’ll totally appreciate it!

This post was all about how to treat your pregnant wife.

Congratulations to you and your pregnant lady! Hope some if not all of these help, and if they did, leave a comment below to let us know!

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