February Valentines Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine’s Day serves as a perfect occasion to announce the joyous news of expecting a baby. From creative photo shoots to personalized keepsakes, there are numerous ways to celebrate and share the excitement of a growing family. Here are some unique and heartfelt Valentine’s baby announcement ideas to inspire your own special reveal.

Balloons And Sonogram

Buy a few red hearts helium balloons and take a picture in front of a light-colored plain wall and show the sonogram for a sweet and simple pregnancy announcement.

Balloons And Sonogram Outdoors

Very similar to the first example, buy heart helium balloons and take a photo outdoors for a simple yet scenic baby announcement photo.

Flat-Lay With Hearts And Pacifiers

Want an even simpler baby announcement for Valentines Day? Purchase a Flat-Lay art from Etsy that announces the baby. You don’t necessarily have to create the flat-lay yourself, the Etsy seller will add in the text for you so that it looks like you took the photo. Brilliant, right?

Include Your First Born

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, why not include your first baby in the photo and show how excited he/she is to be a big brother/big sister? This will awe all your social media friends!

Casual Family Photo

Why not take this opportunity to take a family photo? This is especially great if you have multiple kids. It’s a great keepsake of when the children are still little, and can also be used to tell the world that you’re expecting.

Flat-Lay With Hearts And Onesies

Another flat-lay announement idea: heart props and onesies always look cute and are fit for the occassion if you are planning on announcing your pregnancy in February.

Simple Flat-Lay With Roses

Here’s an easy flat-lay idea. Take a felt letter board, a handful of roses from the grocery stores and your sonogram and arrange it on a flat surface for a sweet announcement photo.

Rose Petals & Bassinet

Already purchased that adorable bassinet? Put it to use while your child is still in your belly. Spread rose petals all around, add a onesie in the middle and take a flat-lay photo for a sweet valentine baby announcement.

Formal Photo With Your Darling

If putting on black-tie outfits is more your thing, why not set up a photoshoot with your favorite formal red dress? Make sure you tell your husband to dress for the occasion as well!

Customized Cookies

These cookies are to die for! Order customized cookies, take a photo for social media, and then package them up to give to friends and family as a more personalized and intimate way to announce your pregnancy.

A Lot Of Hearts Balloons

As you can probably tell by now, we love heart helium balloons over here. If you would rather not show you and your husband’s face when you take the baby announcement photo, buy a bunch of heart helium balloons and hide behind it as you show off your sonogram. This is a lovely way to announce your pregnancy without having to show your faces.

Red Cupid Onesie

This red onesie on a backdrop of eucalyptus captures the essence of a Valentines baby announcement. Don’t forget to add the little heart arrow for the perfect picture.

Hearts Candy Cart

If you happen to have a candy cart on hand, why not recreate this cute baby announcement idea? Cut out hearts of all sizes, add a onesie and the sonogram, and put up a ‘coming soon’ sign. This is sure to be a hit for everyone who sees.

Show Off Your Bump!

If you’re further along in your pregnancy, put on a pink or red dress and show off that bump! Add props such as rose petals, red flowers (carnations and roses are great) as well as the sonogram of your baby.

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