Does Breastfeeding Actually Make You Lose Weight? Reddit Users Weigh In

Many people say breastfeeding will make you lose weight, however women’s experiences differ. We compiled the answers from Reddit users on whether breastfeeding actually made them lose weight postpartum.

Depends On Genetics

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“I think this is one of those things that really depends on your individual genetics. I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 14 months, I started out with oversupply and lost all the pregnancy weight by about 8 weeks out. I have slowly kept losing weight (unintentionally) and have had to make an effort to increase calories so I don’t become underweight. A lot of people talk about having ravenous breastfeeding hunger but I’ve never really experienced that.”

Weight Gain After Weaning

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“I maintained a thin weight while breastfeeding and put on like 40 lbs after weaning my youngest. My metabolism completely shut down, and now I’ve been struggling just to lose 10 lbs. It’s pretty sad and not something I was prepared for at all.”

More Weight Gain After Weaning

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“I started weaning and the weight rolled on like butter off a pan. It is what it is, but now it’s a race against time just maintaining my weight. I think the work life balance stress and sleep loss and stress eating does it. Plus I love food. I eat my feelings and now I have all the feelings”

Feeling Hungry

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“Breastfeeding made me SOOOO hungry!! I think I gained weight.”

Feeling Like You Haven’t Eaten All Day

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“How can you ever diet when I feel like I haven’t eaten ALL DAY, every couple of hours.”

Gained Weight While Breastfeeding

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“I’ve gained 17 lbs in six months”

Super Skinny While Breastfeeding

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“I became super skinny while breastfeeding. My normal weight is around 117. When my son was about 8 months old, I had gotten down to 108. I was ‘underweight’. I was eating and everything but I think the breastfeeding burned a lot of calories for me. I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago and now I am back to 117.”

Kept Losing Weight

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“I had a similar experience. I weighed less after about 7-8 months of breastfeeding than I weighed pre-baby. I felt like I physically couldn’t eat enough to stay out of a calorie deficit”

Every Breastfeeding Journey Is Different

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“I lost the majority of baby weight gain while breastfeeding and maintaining supply, but at a certain point, it leveled out and my body held onto the remaining 10 pounds or so until I weaned. At one point, I actively tried to lose weight while breastfeeding though instead of letting it naturally occur and following instinctual eating…my supply almost immediately tanked. Every body and breastfeeding journey is different. This is an extremely difficult time of life for a lot of reasons, so giving our bodies grace during this time and recognizing all that they have done and are doing for our children is helpful perspective.”

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