Social Battery And More: 10 Things That Changed Since COVID-19 That Hasn’t Returned To Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected our lives, altering many things that we previously considered as given. Although some aspects of life have resumed their regular course, several elements remain altered. In this article, we will discuss ten things that individuals claim have been transformed due to COVID-19, but have yet to revert to normal.

Sense of Time

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“Sense of time is screwed up. It’s like I skipped three years of my life.”

“I went from being pretty close to approximating when a past event happened to having no clue now. “That happened last year… no wait, six years ago? Whatever.” Time got wibbly wobbly.”

Social Battery

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“My social battery. I don’t know what happened – I was literally going to a music festival once every 2-3 months, multiple music shows, hanging out with friends and going out camping, partying, etc. Now, me and my wife just kind of sit at home and maybe go out to a park or do some hiking and every once in a while go out to a board game night. We went to a couple music shows and I just felt like what am I doing here, I’d rather be on the couch. But then when I am home, I feel guilty like I should be out “enjoying life” – but have no motivation or I guess pull to do anything.”

House Prices

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“House prices seem like they’ll be forever unattainable now.”

Direct Delivery from Restaurants

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“Direct delivery from restaurants. Everything is now being funnelled through DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. I just wanna call the Chinese place and order delivery at a normal price, like the old days.”

Short Attention Spans

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“I’m a public high school teacher, and students’ attention spans are still very short relative to before.”

24 Hour Stores

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“24 hour Walmart. I’ve worked nights for years and Walmart at 3am is no longer an option, at least nowhere near my house.

The pandemic has led to changes in store hours, with many stores no longer open 24 hours a day. This has made it difficult for people who work unconventional hours to shop for essentials.

Hobby Shops

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“There was a wonderful hobby shop in the town I live in. Sold RC vehicles, high quality model kits, supplies, model train stuff. It was run by the nicest guy and some of his friends. It’s gone now. Makes me really sad. I bought all my hobby stuff from him. Now I have to either drive 2 hours if I want to buy from a “locally owned” store, or I need to buy from online.”

24 Hour Stores and Restaurants

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“24 hour stores and restaurants. There are probably way less than half as there used to be.”


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“Cool hobbies that people picked up got left behind due to people going back to the “normal life” of working and working and working and traffic.”

Small Businesses

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“My business of 17 years. I’m still working on getting over it. I had no idea that I would grieve it.”

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