“Using Pregnancy To Be Lazy” Man Gets Backlash From The Internet For Forcing Pregnant Wife To Exercise

A recent Reddit thread enraged the internet when one woman shared her frustration with her husband when it comes to physical activity during pregnancy. The original poster (OP), wrote: “My husband has been trying to nudge me into doing some sort of exercise, mainly gentle yoga because he knows it would be better for me and baby. I have no energy, the thought of moving like that makes me want to puke. I don’t know how to get him to understand this.”

The woman went on to express her frustration at her partner’s insistence on physical activity. She noted, “He tells me I’m choosing not do any physical activity, and he’s right because I’m exhausted! I’m so frustrated with him right now.”

The woman’s husband also brought up the issue of what she would be like when they have a second baby, to which she replied, “I told him that’s irrelevant as we don’t have another kid to take care of now and obviously I will have to power through to take care of another human. I’m just so frustrated right now.”

The woman’s frustration eventually led to an argument in which her partner suggested that she was “just using pregnancy to be lazy” and that she needed “to be held accountable” by her OB. She concluded: “I cannot stand this man and his ego right now.”

Many women experience similar frustrations during pregnancy, and it can be difficult for expectant mothers and their partners to find a middle ground.

The Internet Sides With The Wife

Pregnancy can be an incredibly difficult time, especially when it comes to physical activity. The body is going through so many massive changes, and it’s hard to balance wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle while understanding that extra rest may be needed during certain times.

That is why it is important to listen to your body. An ultramarathoner who also had morning sickness due to pregnancy weighed in on the issue, stating, “Once week 6 of pregnancy hit, I couldn’t do anything. I was sedentary for about a month before I could do any kind of physical activity again…. This is normal. You will probably get some stamina back as second trimester creeps closer. But let your body decide that for you. Good luck!”

Another important thing to note is that an illness like a stomach flu is often seen as a valid excuse to stay in bed, while pregnancy pains may be seen as more minor. But as another commenter points out, “pregnancy pains are frustrating because they sometimes don’t seem that bad on the outside.”

“Who hasn’t been nauseous before? Hip and back pain just doesn’t sound all that terrible. [That is,] until you have it. I’m fortunate to have a very empathetic husband, but I don’t think he understood how miserable I was during pregnancy until I was sobbing on the couch with a migraine, joint pain, and a PUPPP rash at 34 weeks,” she lamented.

It is important to remember that everyone is different and that it is okay to take it slow. Pregnancy is a time of immense change and it is important to take it as an opportunity to listen to your body and be kind to yourself. And for the husbands reading this, take it easy on your pregnant wife. Don’t forget, she’s growing a human being.

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