9 Rules Boomer Parents Engrained in Millennials That Are Actually False

Parents often have the best intentions when teaching their children rules and values to live by. However, some of these rules may be outdated or simply untrue. In this listicle, we’ll explore some rules parents engrained in millennials that are actually false.

Car Interior Lights

First trip by car
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“I was told it was illegal to turn the interior lights of the car on while driving.” Totally false.


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“Perfectionism is the standard. I was taught that things aren’t worth doing unless you do them so thoroughly and perfectly that you basically are never done editing.”

Clean Plate Club

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“Being a member of the clean plate club is not the badge of honor I was told it was.”

Calling Employers

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“You should call everyday when you apply for a job. False, but I did it for 5 years after leaving home.”

Adults Are Smarter

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“As a general rule, adults are smarter.” We now know that that’s not entirely true.


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“You must conform and appear ‘normal’, otherwise someone might judge you as ‘weird’ and that’s just the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

A1 Sauce

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“That A1 sauce was extremely valuable and only to be used for special occasions and, even then, sparingly. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30s and finally got a house and grill of my own that I realized they made that rule because we were extremely poor while I was growing up, not that A1 was anything special.”

Domestic Skills

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“I was told I didn’t need to learn to cook or do laundry because ‘my wife will do that stuff when I get married’. I went off to college having no clue how to do laundry and I didn’t learn how to do the most basic of cooking until my 20s. My three year old literally helps with laundry and cooking more than I ever got to do my 18 years of living at home.


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“Make sure to tell your boss that you want to work all the weekends, evenings and holidays so that they know you really care about your job.”

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