Vegan Dinner Gone Wrong: Man Is Furious After Being ‘Tricked’ To Eat A Vegan Dinner

A woman is wondering if she is in the wrong for serving vegan food to her husband.

A vegan dinner turned sour for one couple after a case of miscommunication about dietary preferences. The husband, who had previously made it clear that he was not interested in becoming a vegan, was surprised by his wife with a vegan pulled pork sandwich for dinner. This left him feeling angry and the couple in a state of conflict.

She’s Vegan, He’s Not

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The woman, who we’ll call ‘Jane’ shared that she has been happily married with her husband for a year. “We met through a mutual friend, and he learned very quickly that I am a vegan. About a year after we met and got closer, we started dating. He had no issues with me being vegan, but made it very clear that I couldn’t force him into being a vegan, which I respected.”

A Surprise Gesture

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Jane continued, “Up till now, everything was great. However, recently I’ve been seeing a ton of vegan recipes on my Pinterest and decided that I wanted to try making one for dinner. We don’t usually end up getting to have fancy dinners at home as both of us work full time, but I found some time today to cook something up.

She Prepares A Fancy Dinner

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“It was a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, but the pork wasn’t actually pork, instead it was jackfruit. He seemed a little stressed about work but I showed him the surprise dinner, and that seemed to help his mood out,” Jane said.

Husband Loved The Food At First

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Jane’s husband loved the food she prepared for him. “He ate it happily, and even complimented my cooking. But when he asked what was in it – and when I told him it was a pulled pork sandwich with jackfruit as a meat alternative – he lashed out.”

Feeling Betrayed

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“He shouted,” Jane continued. “He told me that he made it clear he was staying a meat eater. I tried explaining that I wasn’t trying to turn him into a vegan, but he’d just walked away then. This happened a few hours back, and now he’s refusing to talk to me.”

Not At Fault

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Responses were mixed, however, the majority of the responses sided with Jane. One person said, “I do not understand people like this who love food until finding out that it is vegan. You are not pushing veganism on him – you made a meal that you could eat and that he ended up enjoying. I do not see the issue. I can’t eat dairy so I use plant-based milks, butters, cheeses, etc. in meals. My husband doesn’t care as long as it tastes good. I also make vegetarian/vegan meals at least once/week (just to take a meat break); as a big meat eater, he also does not care about that that as long as it tastes good.”

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