8 Heartbreaking Things That Killed Friendships Immediately

Friendships are an important part of our lives, but sometimes they can come to an end abruptly. Here are some stories from people who sadly lost their best friends.

Refusing to Help In Times of Need

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A friend of 20 years refused to help when her friend’s husband needed medication after brain surgery. This lack of support led to the end of their friendship.

“I helped her with rides, money, and clothes. The first time I asked her for anything was after my husband had brain surgery and needed meds the local pharmacy didn’t have. I couldn’t leave him alone and could not take him with me so I asked her to watch him for an hour. She said no, she wanted to go to the store with her boyfriend.”

Narcissistic Behavior

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A friend of 14 years was discovered to be a narcissist and was overheard talking behind her friend’s back. This led to a confrontation and the end of their friendship.

“I was BFF with mine from age 16 to 30. It slowly became apparent that she was a narcissist. I loved her anyway, stupid me. When we were 30 we were all out at a restaurant and I went to use the bathroom. For some reason I could hear her voice clear as day and she was taking so much about me! I came out of the restroom, dropped some money on the table and told her some vulgar words. I left and never looked back. She tried to message me to tell me I was crazy. I blocked her. Last 13 years without her have been great”

Workplace Drama

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A coworker who caused drama and was lazy eventually lost the respect of their friend, leading to the end of their friendship.

“I worked with them. They were very lazy and constantly started drama between myself and our coworkers. Lost pretty much all the respect I had for them.”

Not Listening to Warnings

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Ignoring a friend’s warning about a fiancé led to the fiancé giving an ultimatum, causing the friend to choose their fiancé over their friend.

“My best friend warned me about my fiancé at the time, now ex-wife, and I didn’t listen to her. My fiancé didn’t like that and told me to pick her or my friend. I picked my fiancé, who then eventually cheated on me multiple times including while we had an infant at home. Never been more wrong in my life.”

Dog Attack

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A friend’s pitbull attacked another friend’s dog, causing injuries. The friend did nothing to stop the attack and even reported the victim’s dog as the aggressor, leading to the end of their friendship.

“She adopted a pitbull, let it off leash immediately during the very first meeting with my dog, and her dog instantly attacked mine. My ex best friend just stood there screaming and did nothing. The next day she reported MY DOG to the county as the aggressor. Luckily my dogs vet vouched that she was a sweet, completely non aggressive dog. She also submitted evidence of all of the injuries my dog had, while the pitbull only had injuries from ME. Luckily my dog ended up having her name cleared, but that instantly killed a 12 year friendship. I never spoke to her again.”

Controlling Behavior

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A friend who tried to control their friend’s life and interests, and insulted them for not sharing the same interests, led to the end of their friendship.

“Realizing that he was a horrible friend who saw me as lesser than him, and he used that as justification to try and completely control my life. I basically had to get his approval to do/say anything. If he didn’t approve of what I said or did he would get upset at me and yell at me. He would insult me for the interests we didn’t share, and would demand that I enjoy our shared interests his way.”

Drifting Apart

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Sometimes friendships end without a clear reason. One day they meet someone else and suddenly the friendship is over.

“Nothing at all, and that is the saddest part. No big fight, no disagreement, no nothing. One day they met their now spouse and suddenly that was it. Since then radio silence”

Lack of Effort

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A friend who moved away and made no effort to keep in touch or visit led to the end of their friendship.

“They moved and stopping putting any effort into the relationship whatsoever. I offered to go there, I offered to fly them here (they hadn’t secured work yet) and they never made time. They never reached out.”

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