Her Friend Was Jealous of Her Preparedness for Motherhood – The Reason Will Leave You Speechless

A new mother is wondering if she is in the wrong after revealing that she did not struggle with the challenges of motherhood as much as others. The mother, who we’ll call Rochelle, had planned extensively before the birth of her child. However, a fellow mom is making her feel bad about herself.

Husband Works Overseas

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Rochelle and her husband have a four-month-old baby, but her husband is deployed overseas and she is essentially a single-mom most days. “I had my first child 4 months ago,” Rochelle said. “My husband is deployed overseas, but we were lucky enough that he was able to attend the birth. Since I knew I would be a single mom basically, we planned very well before starting to even try to conceive.”

Planning Ahead

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Rochelle had planned extensively before the birth of her child, saving 100% of her pay check for over a year so she could stay home until her baby was at least one year old. She had also stocked up on baby necessities and pre-made meals, which made her workload lighter after giving birth.

“While pregnant, I filled 2 freezers with casseroles or Crockpot packs, and we have a whole room filled with baby necessities bought over 2 years. Basically whatever can make my workload lighter after giving birth.”

Experienced As The Eldest Of 5 Kids

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Rochelle also notes that she had to take care of her siblings growing up, so she didn’t have fears of taking care of a child. “Also, as the eldest of 5 kids… I did not have the same fear that most new moms do.”

She Invites Her Friend Over

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The controversy began when Rochelle met another mom during mommy yoga and they hit it off. Rochelle invited her over and she was surprised at how clean it was and how rested she was. Rochelle explained that she had planned ahead so she wouldn’t have to deal with the additional stress.

Friend Also Invites Rochelle Over

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“Then she invited me to her home,” Rochelle said. “And when I got there she seemed on the verge of tears. Apparently her baby was sick and won’t stop crying, she also has not been sleeping well. So I offered to watch her baby while she has a nap and maybe a shower. She was very thankful. I also asked if I could pick around the house a bit, and she was very grateful for that.”

“When she woke up, she was very sorry for sleeping so long, and for saddling me with child care and house work, I said that it was fine, it’s nothing I’m not used to.”

Accusations of Arrogance

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Later on the friend texted Rochelle, saying that she felt like a horrible mom because of how put together Rochelle was and that Rochelle’s comments made her feel like a total failure.

“A day later, she sent me a long text. The gist of it is that me being so put together made her feel like a horrible mom, and that me saying that what I did for her being nothing made her feel like a total failure. She said that she wanted some space from me, because I make her feel bad about herself.” Rochelle replied with “ok, take all the time you need”, but did not say sorry.

Others Weigh In: Rochelle Is Not At Fault

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Many people have responded to Rochelle’s story positively, saying she is not at fault for being truthful and helping out a friend. However, they also do not think that the friend is at fault because she may just be feeling overwhelmed at that point.

What do you think of the situation?

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