10 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore Before Going On A Tinder Date

Venturing into the world of Tinder dating can be an exciting journey for those looking for love, but it’s important to approach it with caution and awareness. Before you step out to meet someone from the app, you must recognize red flags that could signal a potential danger or a negative experience. Paying attention to these red flags can help you avoid uncomfortable or unsafe situations and ensure your search for connection remains enjoyable and secure.

They Refuse To Share Anything About Themselves

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Sharing only a few personal details on a dating app is valid, but it’s a big red flag if someone you’re talking to isn’t willing to answer basic questions like where they are from or how old they are. If you are talking to someone and they continually make up excuses to avoid the questions you’re asking, then they’re probably hiding something – and they’re often trying to scam you. ‘Before you go on a first date with someone, you should at least know their age and the general area in which they live,’ advises Trevor Cooke, Privacy Expert from EarthWeb.

If the person you are chatting with refuses to give up this information, then meeting them in person is a bad idea, as there’s a high possibility they’re a catfish trying to lure you into a scam. Regular people on dating apps are usually excited to talk about themselves and share things about their lives to connect with others.

Rushing the Relationship

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If someone is trying to rush the relationship or make serious commitments before meeting in person, this could be a sign of ulterior motives. Healthy relationships take time to develop, and premature promises can signify manipulation.

Controlling or Jealous Behavior

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Exhibiting controlling or jealous behavior before you’ve even met is a significant red flag. If they attempt to dictate what you should wear, who you should talk to, or how you should spend your time, these are signs of controlling tendencies that could escalate into more severe issues later. Trust your instincts and steer clear of anyone trying to exert undue influence over your choices.

They Fish For Your Personal Information

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If you are speaking to someone on Tinder who is already asking you deep, personal questions or sending inappropriate messages before you ever meet in person, this could be a red flag. Scammers often want to establish an intensely personal connection as soon as possible so they can talk you into giving up money or sensitive personal information.

Fishing for your personal information can include:

  • Excessive messaging
  • Impatience when you don’t immediately reply
  • Asking odd personal questions that don’t fit the conversation
  • Derailing your questions about them to ask more questions about you instead
  • Asking for money after only knowing you for a little while

Asking for Money or Financial Help:

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Regarding the last point above, asking for money before meeting up is a huge red flag. Anyone asking for money or financial assistance on a dating platform like Tinder should be avoided at all cost. Scammers often manipulate emotionally to convince unsuspecting individuals to part with their money.

They Won’t Answer Any Personal Questions

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It’s a natural progression in any conversation in a dating app to ask about each other. If you ask questions about their personal life, dating history, or what they want for their future and they refuse to answer, they may not actually be interested in dating.

‘If you are chatting with someone who will not give a straight answer about themself or their intentions, then the first date may never actually happen because the person is likely not who they say they are. They will want the conversation to stay strictly online so they can scam you,’ Cooke says.

They Keep Insisting On Meeting Up

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Alternatively, you might match with someone too eager to meet up after just a few exchanges. This is also a potential red flag because it means they’re interested in seeing you in person for a reason that’s probably nefarious – likely to steal something from you or, in extreme cases, perhaps even to harm or kidnap you.

Unwillingness to Meet in Public:

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You should be cautious when a person insists on meeting but is unwilling to meet in a public location. Always plan to meet in a public place for the first date, especially if you meet that person on Tinder. If your match insists on meeting in a private or secluded location, this is a major safety concern and a red flag that you should not ignore. Always meet in a public area, and take a friend with you if possible.

They Have Unbelievable Photos

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If you are scrolling through a profile showing a person participating in a lot of expensive or exclusive activities or flashing their wealth, then it could be a red flag.

Things to look out for include:

  • Unrealistic photos of fancy forms of transportation like yachts and private jets
  • Photos that are trying too hard to show off (posing with fancy sports cars, holding large fish, smoking cigars, etc.)
  • Only one photo on the whole profile

While these photos may be of a real person who is just rich, it is much more likely a profile created by a scammer trying to lure people in with impressive content, only to trick matches into giving away their personal information or money before ghosting them.

Cooke says, ‘One quick way to find out if their photos are legit is to ask them to take a photo of them doing something very specific. If they can’t produce it, they’re likely a catfish.’

Avoidance of Video Calls or Voice Chats:

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Nowadays, asking someone to go on a video call before meeting up is standard. Someone who consistently refuses to engage in video calls or voice chats before meeting in person might be hiding their true identity and may not be exactly who they say they are on their profile. One way to ensure that you speak to the same person as the profile picture is to go on a video call before meeting in person. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the person matches their profile and to establish a more personal connection, which can help verify their authenticity.

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