What People Really Think Of Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy is a Republican businessman who recently announced his candidacy for the 2024 United States presidential election. We scoured Reddit to find what real people think of Vivek Ramaswamy and the answers are varied.

Too Smart for Most Republicans

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While some people see potential in Ramaswamy, others believe that his intelligence may be a barrier for him in the Republican party. “Too smart for most Republicans, but the few things interesting about him is drowned out by woke this woke that.”

An Outsider with Business Acumen

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One of Ramaswamy’s strengths is his background as a businessman, which some people believe could serve him well in politics. “He’s an outsider, a businessman, like Trump was back in 2016, but still took the elections by storm.”

Very Articulate

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The same person said, “He’s a very clear #2 on the Republican side after Trump. Ramaswamy seems to be a very articulate individual who’s backed by himself, meaning no limitations on the way he speaks.”

Needs to be Vetted in Congress

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While some people are intrigued by Ramaswamy, others believe that he needs more political experience before running for president. “I think he needs to be vetted in congress and/or state government first. This goes for all non-politicians seeking the presidency.”

Smooth and Well-Spoken

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Ramaswamy’s speaking skills have been praised by some, although they don’t believe he has a chance of winning. “Probably the smoothest/most well spoken candidate, but he won’t win.”

A Trumpist or Something More?

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Some people see Ramaswamy as just another Trumpist, while others believe he has the potential to be the future of the Republican party. One person said, he’s “the future this country needs.”

Money to Waste

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Ramaswamy is extremely wealthy from his years of owning a pharmaceutical company, and many agree that he has money to waste on his presidential campaign.

Millennial We Need

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While some people see him as just another rich guy with money to waste, others believe he is what America needs in this political climate. One person said he’s “the millennial we need to run this country.”

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