It’s Been A Few Weeks But They Haven’t Said Thank You’ She Expects Gratitude When Gift-Giving

A woman feels hurt after her nieces and nephews accepted her generous gifts without showing appreciation. Is Is it right to expect appreciation for gifts that you willingly gave to others?

Generous Gifts

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“I recently sent $1,500 to my sister (f45) so that her daughter (f14) could go on a class trip to Washington DC and New York. I also sent her daughter a new set of Glossier makeup. I had also sent my older brother (m53) and his sons (m17, m18) $300 Tiffany pens for their graduation.”

Lack of Thank You Notes

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She notes that it’s been a few weeks since she’s given money for her niece’s trip. “It’s been six weeks, and have not received a thank you note/text.”

She also said of her nephews, “I also didn’t get a thank you note/text.”

She Asked Her Sibling Why

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The woman asked her siblings why she hasn’t received a thank you note yet. I sent a text asking why they aren’t making their children write thank you notes when they receive a gift, like our parents made us do when we received a gift from a relative.

Excuses from Siblings

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“My brother said ‘it’s awkward.’ My sister was making excuses, and asking me why I was so upset about being ignored by a 14-year-old.”

Importance of Gratitude

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The woman said her feelings are hurt. “They should learn to express gratitude for gifts in other situations in their lives.”

Hurt Feelings

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“I told them it hurt my feelings, and that I felt under appreciated.”

Opinions Are Divided

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Many people responded, but the opinions are divided. some say that she should stop sending pricey gifts because it seems like her niece and nephews don’t care, while others say that generally, children just don’t give thank you notes.

What would you do in this situation?

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