“Insane And Extravagant” Boomer Dad Says Son Is Spoiled Because His Wedding Costs More Than His Own

A man is wondering if he is wrong for being stingy when helping to pay for his son’s wedding.

Engaged Son

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The 57-year-old man said his 23-year-old son is engaged to a woman named Peggy. “They have been engaged for 5 months or so.”

Giving Money For The Wedding

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“Our culture dictates that Peggy’s father and I share the costs for their wedding. He (her father) said we should provide $10k each, a total $20k budget. I could afford this sure but This seems insane and extravagant to me. I said I would give $5k and he could give whatever he wanted. Peggy’s father also put up 5k,” said the father.

Not Enough

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After he told his son how much he is going to give, the son said it wasn’t going to be enough.

Son Said It’s Ok

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The son said, “I don’t mind, I figured that me and Peggy would have to pay for some of the wedding”.

Dad Thinks 10K Is Enough For A Wedding

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The father was confused. “I asked what he meant. He said no way would they be able to do their wedding in under $10k.”

Comparing The Present Vs The Past

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The father compared his own wedding to his son’s. “My own wedding, after haggling and deals, only came out to around $7k so I do not think this is an issue.”

Son Outlines The Cost

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“He argued against me and said that my wedding was 40 years ago and prices were different,” said the groom’s father. “He outlined some prices and said the cheapest venue he could find was $5k, and food alone was going to be $2,5k.”

Son Thanks Father

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“He again said he didn’t mind and he thanked me for giving them money for the wedding but I honestly felt hurt that he thought we were not giving enough,” said the dad.

Father Is Confused

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“How could food come out to $2,500 dollars and he said that that was only around $25 per person. I suggested ordering pizzas or sub sandwiches but he looked at me like I was crazy. I said okay well we can just offer less for the photographer and decorator and he said that isn’t how things are done. I said it is how things are done, and maybe if Peggy and him weren’t so spoiled and expecting the best of the best for everything then $10k would be plenty.”

Wife Doesn’t Agree With Husband

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The man’s wife sided with their son. “I was complaining about this instance to my wife and she told me I was being a stick in the mud and it’s his only wedding. ”

Prices Have Increased

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Others said that the dad isn’t being realistic, and it’s not his place to judge where his son spends his money. “He thanked you for the money and is planning on paying for the rest. How they spend their money isn’t your business. Can you seriously not envision that prices have increased over several decades?”

This Is Why Boomers Are Made Fun Of

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Another said, “Seriously this is why so many people make fun of boomers. They just can’t imagine that prices have dramatically increased and they expect young people to be able to do what they did decades ago. My parents bought land and built a house for $90k in the 90s. The same house is now worth $1.5M. Things have changed dramatically.”

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