Purchasing Seint: IIID Foundation And Beyond

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Are you ready to level up your makeup game? Introducing Seint, customizable professional quality makeup made for every skin tone. Before you go ahead and purchase, it’s important to know your main highlight, brightening highlight, and contour shades. Luckily, Seint offers the option to get color matched by a beauty professional or you can choose from their collection of shades. Once you have your shades picked out, mix and match with various lip & cheek shades and eyeshadows to create the perfect customizable look for you. Whether it’s a natural daily look or bold and dramatic night time look, Seint has got you covered. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to personalized perfection with Seint.

Purchase Collections

Are you tired of waiting for color matching or trying to create your own makeup palette piece by piece? Then purchasing a collection might be the perfect solution for you. Not only do you have the option to select shades based on your skin tone, but you can also add additional lip and cheek colors or eyeshadow to supplement your collection. Plus, purchasing a collection often comes at a discounted price. And the best part? You don’t even have to send in a selfie! So if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to build your seint makeup palette, consider buying a collection – it’s a great option for those who want instant results.

Here are the steps:

Go To website & Click Shop

As soon as you go to the website, you should see a menu at the top. Click “Shop”.

Click here to go to the Seint website.

click collections

After Clicking “Shop”, a second menu should show up. Click “Collections”, which should be the third item from the right. This will take you to the Collections page.

Select the type of collection you want

There are three different 3D foundation collections: No. 4 Collection, No. 8 Collection and No. 12 Collection. What makes these specifically 3D foundation collections is the fact that they all have a main highlight, brightening highlight, contour and lip & cheek, which are the essential parts of 3D foundation.

The collection that I suggest you get if you are just beginning with 3D foundation is No. 4 Collection, which includes just the essentials for getting started with 3D foundation. It also has the 3D brush included, which is personally my favorite makeup brush to use with my Seint makeup.

Click on the No. 4 Collection and proceed to the next step.

Click “Find Your Shade”

Once you click on the collection you want, you will see that there are eight different levels. Each level corresponds to a specific skintone. Click the link “Find Your Shades” to find which Level you should choose.

Select the level that most closely matches your skintone

Once you click “Find Your Shade”, this should pop up. Each level has four different pictures. Look at each level and see which level your skin tone most closely resembles, based on the pictures on the screen. It helps to have a no makeup selfie of yourself in natural lighting on hand so you can compare your skin tone with the levels.

Once you’ve decided on a Level, click “Select”.

click “add to bag”

Once you’ve selected your Level, the last step is to Add to Bag! Congratulations! You’ve selected your own shades for your 3D foundation!

Get Color Matched

Did you know that getting the perfect shade of makeup can make all the difference in your look? That’s where Seint’s color match service comes in. All you have to do is send a selfie and wait 24-48 hours to receive personalized suggestions from one of our trained Seint Artists. These customized suggestions will ensure that the shades you choose are truly tailored for your unique skintone. Ready to take your makeup game to the next level?

Get color matched with Seint today!


Take a no-makeup selfie in natural lighting

Want to find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone? Taking a no-makeup selfie in natural lighting is a great place to start. Artificial light can distort the color of your skin, so it’s an absolute must to take your selfie near a window. Happy selfie snapping!

Fill out color match form

One of the most important steps in getting color matched is filling out your color match form completely and accurately. Make sure to attach a natural light selfie with no makeup on, as well as a selfie with your favorite makeup on. This way, your Seint artist will have an understanding of both your bare skin tone and the shades you enjoy wearing. Don’t forget to indicate any unique undertones or patterns in the form, such as pink undertones or freckles. Providing this information will ensure that your Seint artist can give personalized suggestions and create a custom blend that complements your individual features and preferences. Taking the time to fill out the form thoroughly will result in the best possible color match for you!

Click here to get color matched today!

Wait for your Seint Artist to give back your color match

While some may be tempted to rush through the color matching process, it is important to wait for your Seint Artist to personally evaluate and send back your color match. This crucial step may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, so be sure to check not just your regular email inbox but also your junk mail. Sometimes color matches are accidentally filtered there. It can be frustrating to wait, but a personalized color match is worth the extra time and effort – after all, finding the perfect foundation shade is all about getting the best results for your unique skin tone. Trust in the expertise of your Seint Artist and wait patiently for them to send back your tailored color match.

Go to Seint website to purchase your makeup

When it comes to makeup, finding the right shade can be a challenge. That’s why at Seint, we offer color matching with one of our expert artists. Simply schedule an appointment and come in for your color match. Once you have your personal shades, you can easily purchase all of your makeup products on our website. And don’t worry about any guessing game when it comes to shades – once you receive your color match from your artist, simply input those shades on our website and we’ll make sure you receive the perfect products for you. Your perfectly matched makeup may take up to two weeks to arrive, but we promise it’s worth the wait! So what are you waiting for? Schedule your color match today and say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to finding your ideal shades.

Click here to go to the Seint website.

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