Quick Makeup Routine for Busy Moms & Your Common Makeup Questions Answered!

This post is all about the best quick makeup routine for busy moms and the most common makeup questions answered.

quick makeup routine

As a new mom, my time has been mostly consumed by my growing baby. I rarely have time for myself, and as society dictates it, we are to put our baby before ourselves. But I’d found that one of things that had kept me sane is taking care of myself also. 

If you are looking for a way to keep up with your self care as a new mom, or as a busy mom, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve found the best product to use in order to have a quick makeup routine for mom that’s also really great for mature skin.

What should be my daily makeup routine?

No matter how quick you want your makeup routine to be, or no matter how much you want a simple natural makeup routine, I have to let you know that you should always prep your skin before putting makeup on. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. My current morning skincare routine consists of only three steps:

  1. Wash face with water only
  2. While face is damp, apply face serum (my favorite to use is: Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% from The Ordinary)
  3. Sunscreen – the current one I use is Menturm The Sun UV Protect Gel

You can make your morning skin care routine as elaborate or as simple as you want, but one thing you should never forget to use is a sunscreen! 

These are my favorite sunscreens:

How can I do my makeup in 5 minutes?

Looking for the best 5 minute makeup routine? Here it is! The easiest way I’ve found to do my makeup in 5 minutes is by using Seint makeup. I am able to do my whole makeup which consists of highlight and contour as well as blush, lipstick and mascara within 5 minutes, and when I’m doing a light coverage of makeup I can do my makeup within 3 minutes!

I can do my makeup in 5 minutes even while applying highlight and contour because the makeup I use has coverage in the highlight and contour colours. That means I don’t have to apply foundation separately anymore.

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How do you do simple makeup everyday?

You can do simple makeup everyday by applying light coverage on your skin, and only concealing the parts of your face that you really don’t like (ie. rosacea, acne scars, etc.). If you are going for simple makeup for everyday, or a minimal makeup routine, you may want to skip the eyeshadow, and simply apply mascara after your 3D foundation. For me, for example, I simply apply mascara and my 3D foundation when I am going for a simple look, and I’m out the door. This is also the easiest way to put your makeup on at home, if you plan on staying home the whole day.

What order do you apply makeup?

Traditionally, you apply makeup in this order:

  1. Primer – to make sure your makeup stays in place the whole day
  2. Foundation – as a base and to even out your skintone
  3. Contour – to add shadows and dimension to your face
  4. Highlight – to attract light to areas of your face
  5. Blush – Bring back color to the face
  6. Lips – Bring back color to the face
  7. Mascara – Add depth to your eyes

But I have found a way that really cuts out the time it takes to put makeup on. This is called the HAC way (highlight and contour). Let me elaborate:

1: First, after your skincare (don’t forget your sunscreen!) apply your primer on, especially if you have oily skin (I like to use this primer: )

quick makeup routine

2: Dot your contour in place (our contour has coverage! So you don’t have to apply foundation first!)

3: Dot on your main highlight or ‘foundation’ colour, only in places you want to camouflage

4: Dot on your brightening highlight or ‘concealer’ in areas you would like to brighten

5: Dot on your lip and cheek colour on the apples of your cheeks

6: Blend everything at the same time, starting with the lighter colors and moving on to the darker colors.

watch these videos to see how to apply 3d foundation:

It might seem complicated, but trust me, once you get the process, it is so quick, and your makeup ends up looking so good every single time!

Do you put concealer on after or before foundation?

If you are using traditional makeup, then you would apply foundation before applying concealer. This is because your foundation is basically the base layer of makeup and if you need additional coverage, then that’s when you would apply concealer. 

If you apply concealer before foundation, you run the risk of brushing away your concealer once you start blending your foundation.

However, with Seint makeup, you don’t have to think about which product goes on first. This is because our makeup is made specifically to reduce the layers you apply on your face. Instead, if you are looking to camouflage anything on your face (ie melasma, acne, etc), then you would apply your main highlight to that area. If your reason for applying concealer is to brighten up an area, you would apply your brightening highlight to that area instead.

For example, if I am applying makeup, I would put my main highlight shade wherever I have redness (around my nose, my broken capillaries, etc.) and then I would apply my brightening highlight in the corners of my eyes and even down the center of my nose.

Do you put foundation on eyelids?

You can put foundation on your eyelids, especially if there is discoloration there. For most of us, our eyelids are darker than the rest of our face. Applying foundation on your eyelids is basically the first step in applying your eyeshadow on, or can even be seen as applying your base so that your eyeshadow will be more vibrant.

However, if you have oily eyelids, like me, I would highly suggest skipping the foundation on your eyelids and applying eyeshadow primer instead. I’ve always used this eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay and my makeup has always stayed on for the whole day.

What comes first eyeshadow or eyeliner?

Eyeshadow comes first before eyeliner. Usually you would apply the lighter colors first, so because eyeliner is the darkest color you will apply, you will apply it last.

How should beginners with mature skin apply makeup?

Now, if you are looking for a quick makeup routine for mature skin, you’ve got the answer right here. Whether you are in your 50’s, 60’s or beyond, the best way to apply makeup to mature skin is to apply as little layer as possible. That’s why our makeup is the best to use for mature skin. You get coverage with the contour and highlight shades so you don’t need to layer your makeup. Our makeup are also cream products, which allows the makeup to blend smoothly and to reduce the amount of texture on your skin. 

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This post was all about the best quick makeup routine for busy moms.

We hope you found this helpful! If so, show us some love in the comments below!

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