She Gives Breastmilk To Another Woman’s Child And The Internet Is In Shambles

A woman doesn’t quite know how to feel about her friend giving her son breastmilk. 

Friend Giving Her Son Breastmilk

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The original poster (OP) is confused if she should feel angry or neutral at her friend giving breast milk to her (OP)’s son. She opened the conversation with saying, “my friend was watching my baby and fed him her breast milk (from a bottle). She didn’t ask me if that was okay but she was doing me a favor by watching and feeding him (I left the house for maybe 30 min at her suggestion). There was formula available that I had brought for him. Does anyone think this is weird? My husband and I can’t decide if it’s wrong or not.”

Was It Wrong

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The internet can’t quite decide whether it’s ok. Many lean towards it being weird, but some say it’s ok. Here are some of the responses.

Some Say It’s Weird

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One user said, “I think it’s weird because you clearly had formula for him. It’s very strange, in my opinion.” She added that it wouldn’t have been strange if there was a need for it, “but the fact she did it when you had [formula] for your child is weird.”

Others Say It’s Ok If It’s A Trusted Friend

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Another woman said, “Coming from a gal who just picked up an entire large cooler full of breastmilk from her sister-in-law, I don’t think sharing breastmilk from a trusted family member or friend is weird.”

There Was No Need To Give Breastmilk

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Someone else said “Its not weird in the sense that lots of women donate breastmilk to moms who can’t produce enough on their own. The issue is she didn’t ask. And really, for 30 minutes there wasn’t really a need for her to feed the baby anything, even the formula. Had she been watching the baby for a while and you forgot to bring formula and baby was starving, sure (but even then, she can always ask). This was not an emergency situation.”

Done On Autopilot?

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However, someone else said that it might have been done on autopilot. “It’s entirely possible it was done on autopilot. For example, I ‘accidentally’ cut my friend’s baby’s nails when I was watching her because I noticed he had very long nails. I had finished one hand and was just about to start the other when I realized this wasn’t my kid and I shouldn’t have done this without asking. I apologized and my friend understood and accepted the apology (she was actually grateful because she hated cutting baby nails but that wasn’t the point).”

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