Draft Exemption And Shorter Sentences: 11 Real Women’s Privilege That Men Will Never Experience

While both men and women face challenges in life, there are certain privileges that women have that men will never experience. In this listicle, we’ll explore some of these privileges.

Trust Around Children

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Women are generally trusted more around children than men. “If a man walks up to some kids and starts talking about how cute they are, he’s a pervert. If a woman does it, she just likes kids.”

Draft Exemption

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In the US, women are exempt from registering for the draft.

Shorter Sentences

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Women often receive shorter sentences for the same crimes as men.

Domestic Violence

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There is a societal tendency to blame men for domestic violence, while women are often given a pass. When a woman hits a man, people ask what the man did to provoke her. If a man hits a woman, people automatically assume that it’s domestic violence.

Gender Expression

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Society tends to allow women a broader range of gender expression. “Tomboys are generally accepted, while effeminate men get a ton of grief.”

Altered Perception in Altercations

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In an altercation, people will almost always side with the woman over the man.

Parenting Perception

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Men who are out with their children are judged more often by others. “If my wife is out with our son by herself, she’s a mom taking care of her child. If I’m out with our son by myself, I get dirty looks and have even been asked, ‘Oh, is it your weekend with your son?'”

Casual Touch

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Women have the luxury of casual touch without it being viewed as unmasculine or predatory.

One person said, “As a woman, I can hug my friends, male or female. I can pat people on the shoulder, I can snuggle with friends, and it means literally nothing. After my roommate broke up with his partner, he expressed to me that he was incredibly touch-starved. He hadn’t had any physical contact with anyone since they broke up, and he didn’t feel like he had the same ability I did, to just go around touching people without a second thought. It would be viewed as unmasculine, or predatory in some cases.”

Scholarship Opportunities

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There are many university/college scholarships available exclusively to women, while there are none for men.

Emotional Support

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Men often don’t receive the same level of emotional support as women. “No one seems to care when men have emotional problems.”

Dangerous Jobs

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While men may earn more in certain industries, they also work more dangerous jobs.

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