Kids Can Be A Nuisance, But Here Are 12 Heartwarming Moments That Make It All Worth It

Being a parent is a challenging and rewarding experience. From the moment your child is born, you begin to experience a range of emotions that you never knew existed. We explore the best part about being a parent – those heartwarming moments that make it all worth it.

Seeing Unfiltered Joy

kids drinking
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“Showing someone something for the first time and seeing their unfiltered joy.”

Loving Someone More Than You Ever Dreamed

Mother and father napping with baby
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“Loving another human more than you ever dreamed possible.”

Seeing Your Qualities in Your Children

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“They are little living mirrors of your best and worst qualities.”

Everyone Knows You’ve Had Sex

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One person joked and said that the best thing about being a parent is “everyone knows you have had sex.”

Snuggles, Laughs, and Outsmarting

grandparents cuddling baby
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“The snuggles. The laughs. When they outsmart you.”

Playing with Your Kids

family playing board game
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“Playing with the kids. Finally have a badminton opponent again.”

Seeing Your Child Achieve

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“When they do something that you never achieved. Mines became a scientist. I had a pair of steel toe cap boots ready for him to follow me into the building trade. Thank goodness he will never need them.”

Child Tax Credits

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Another person said the best thing about being a parent is the monetary benefits. They said, “Child tax credits.” Whether they’re serious or joking, we’ll never know.

Celebrating Achievements

Business Conference
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“Attending your grandchild’s college graduation and also congratulating your child for the great job they have done.”

Trust and Security

father and daughter
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“The trust my daughter has in me. She trusts me for 100%. That she says she feels safe when I’m with her. And that she wants to hold my hand. I hope it stays forever like this but growing. It’s other love than I feel for anybody else. Even her mother doesn’t come close in this way.”

Hilarious Sense of Humor

surprised toddler
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“Hilarious sense of irony and humor. Keeps me laughing. Love to hear him tell family stories to his friends.”

Doing Kid Stuff Again

baby eating ice cream
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“Getting to do kid stuff again. My little guy is only a year and a half but I can’t wait until he’s a bit bigger and I can go on the kiddie rides with him at theme parks. I’ve never been into the bigger rides and basically stopped going to theme parks once I grew out of the kids stuff. I also just love being ridiculous and silly to get those belly laughs out of him.”

Seeing Your Child Grow Up

baby walking on sand
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Another said the best thing is “Seeing the child grow up.” Some also said it’s both the best and the saddest thing to experience.

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