“I Wish We Had A Girl” 10 Phrases Parents Say That Hurt a Child’s Self Esteem

As parents, we have the power to shape our children’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, sometimes we say things that can be hurtful and damaging to our children’s confidence. Here are 10 hurtful things parents have said that hurt their children’s self esteem.


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One man said, “I went out a couple of times with a girl who was adopted while we were both in high school. One time I was over the house, she and her mom got into an argument, and her mom yelled out something along the lines of ‘Now I know why your parents put you up for adoption’. Never in my life have I heard anything half as cruel.”

Wishing For Another Gender

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“I got ‘I wish we had adopted a girl’ From my dad when I was 16. That was over 3 decades ago and still stings. And now I’m taking care of him in his deeply senile end of life.”

Kicking Out At 18

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“My parents always knew exactly how long it was until my 18th birthday, and would remind me that I’d be on my own when it arrived. It was hanging over my head, my whole childhood. I knew in my bones that I was not wanted or welcome, and that they looked forward to being free of me.”

Constant Blame

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“It’s your fault my life is so messed up.”

Constant Criticism

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“I have custody of my 8 year old granddaughter. She was placed with me just weeks after her 6th birthday. During the time before her parents rights were terminated, they had visitation. My granddaughter had long hair that she hated having brushed. I asked her if she would like it short and she said she would but her momma wouldn’t like it. Well, we got it cut anyway. She was so happy with it! I figured her mom would at least pretend to like it because the kiddo was so excited. NOPE. Mom flat out told her she hated it. Absolutely crushed that child.”

Ruined Dreams

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“My mother told me almost every day that I was the reason she couldn’t go to college and become a lawyer.”

Blame For Divorce

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“Someone blaming the child for something like a divorce happening. Someone did this to my daughter and she won’t say who. But I tell her every time it’s not her fault and it’s mine and her mom’s fault. She cries every time she says it’s her fault we aren’t together.”

Not Wanted

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“My parents didn’t have to say anything to destroy my self-esteem. They just packed their things and left one day while I was at school. That’ll do the trick real quick.”

Constant Comparison

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“Why didn’t you get an A?” or “Why can’t you be like your sister/cousin/other people?”

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