Petty Purses: Cousin Is Jealous After She Wore A Designer Handbag

A woman’s in-laws demand that she apologize for purchasing a designer bag for her daughter.

Teaching Children About Financial Responsibility

Maria's parents stressed hard work and financial responsibility, instilling the values in their kids. "They have part-time jobs, if they desire anything, they should save up," says Maria's mom.

Maria Has Been Doing Well In School

Maria, 18, proved her financial responsibility and academic success, so her parents surprised her with her dream designer bag as an early graduation gift. She was very thankful.

They Attend A Birthday Dinner

At her grandfather’s birthday, Maria wore a bag that caused a stir. “Last weekend at my father-in-law’s birthday, Maria wore her bag," her mother said. Her sister in law and niece also attended.

Jealous Cousin Snatches Bag

Maria's cousin took her designer bag, locked herself in the bathroom, and wouldn't come out. Maria's aunt wouldn't intervene. Eventually, her dad picked the lock to retrieve the bag.

Aunt Said Maria Is Flaunting

Maria's aunt accused her of flaunting her designer bag in front of her cousin. Maria's mother was called an a** for permitting it. Tensions escalated with the suggestion Maria's niece also should've received a designer bag.

They Ask Her To Apologize

After the incident, Maria's mom said her in-laws contacted her husband, demanding an apology. If Maria wears expensive items, they want a similar one for their niece too.

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