Petty Purses: Cousin Is Jealous After She Wore A Designer Handbag

A woman’s in-laws demand that she apologize for purchasing a designer bag for her daughter.

Teaching Children About Financial Responsibility

Maria's parents emphasized hard work and financial responsibility. "Both my children work part-time and save up for what they want to value it more," said her mother.

Maria Has Been Doing Well In School

As a reward for Maria's financial responsibility and academic success at 18, her parents surprised her with a desired designer bag as an early graduation gift.

They Attend A Birthday Dinner

At her grandpa's birthday, Maria's mother explained, Maria wore her bag causing unforeseen changes. Her sister in law and niece also attended.

Jealous Cousin Snatches Bag

Maria's cousin stole her designer bag, locking herself in a bathroom. Refusing to give it back, their aunt wouldn't intervene, leading to Maria's father retrieving it.

Aunt Said Maria Is Flaunting

Maria's aunt accused her of flaunting her designer bag in front of her cousin. Matters escalated when her momwas insulted and her grandmother suggested buying a bag for her niece too.

They Ask Her To Apologize

Post-incident, Maria's mother revealed her in-laws demand they apologize for Maria's attire and provide similar items for her niece since they're "well off".

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