14 Unique Baby Shower Themes That You’ll Want To Use For Your Own Baby Shower

One of the best part of planning a baby shower is trying to figure out which theme to go with for your baby shower! This post is all about the cutest baby shower themes.

baby shower themes

Figuring out which baby shower theme to go with is honestly one of the best parts of planning a baby shower. Here in this post you will get the best and cutest ideas for a baby shower theme so you can start planning out the baby shower of your dreams!

By the way, my trick to making sure any party I throw has a cohesive theme has three elements:

  • Balloon garland that goes with the theme’s colour scheme
  • Decor/props that goes with the theme (this includes the cake or any desserts that are displayed on the dessert table
  • Cohesive printed labels for foods, any games you may have, and party favours

With these in mind, let’s jump into the cutest baby shower themes below.

This post is all about the cutest baby shower themes.

1. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Theme

First on our list of baby shower themes is a little pumpkin baby shower! This is a cute baby shower theme and I personally love this because this is the theme we went with during our baby shower! It’s a great option for a girl baby shower theme and most especially if you are having your baby sometime in the fall.

Copy this theme:

2. Teddy Bear & Balloons

This is such a sweet, elegant theme that you can pull off whether you’re having your baby shower at home or at a hall. Make sure to have a teddy bear on hand and lots of ribbons and balloons to be able to pull off this look. Greenery, candles and candle holders also go a long way in putting together this elegant baby shower brunch theme.

Copy this theme:

3. Oh The Places You’ll Go

If you and your partner love to travel and want to make sure to incorporate travel in your baby’s milestones (even before he/she is born), then this is the perfect theme for you, and as a bonus, this is a theme that rarely gets used and is so so unique! You can really do anything with this theme, and can change the colour scheme to blue, pink or any other gender neutral colour! Make sure to incorporate lots of maps, luggages, hot air balloons, and even binoculars to your decoration in order to really pull together this theme!

Copy this theme:

4. Moon & Stars

I love this theme for its soft femininity but also for the fact that it could really be a gender neutral theme that’s still elegant.

Copy this theme:

5. Little Lamb

How cute is this little lamb baby shower theme? Again, it’s such a unique theme for a gender neutral baby shower!

Copy this theme:

6. You are My Sunshine

Having a baby shower in the summer time? This is a great theme for a garden party or even if you have to have your shower indoors!

Copy this theme:

7. Oranges Summer Baby Shower

This is another cute baby shower theme if you’re having your party in the summer! Nothing beats a citrus themed party in the summer, afterall!

Copy this theme:

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8. Winter Wonderland

Such a cute theme if you’re having your baby shower in the winter!

Copy this theme:

9. Lemon Theme

This one is such a fun theme for the summer! Serve some lemonades and you’ll complete the theme!

Copy this theme:

10. Boho Baby Shower

Boho theme parties are everything right now, and for good reason! This theme can be as dressed up or simple as you like, and can be used for a gender neutral baby shower if that’s what you wish. Use lots of pampas and flowy neutral coloured fabrics as well as neutral balloons to be able to pull off this casual chic theme.

Copy this theme:

11. Woodlands Theme

This is such a fun baby shower theme that can really be used anytime of the year! The trick is using lots of earthy tones, and lots of woodsy twigs and pinecones! Add a cute little fox figurine here and there and pinecone porcupines to complete the look!

Copy this theme:

12. Enchanted Garden Fantasy

If you’re all about being extra, no shame in that! We love an excuse to be extra and go the extra mile, especially when it comes to planning parties! This theme will definitely be the talk of the town when you use it for your baby shower! The trick here is to use lots of whimsical props such as cake stands, bird cages, old books wrapped win white and gold, and lots and lots of fake or real florals! If you have parents or friends that love to collect antique decor, see if you can borrow some of their items to help set the mood for this fantasy baby shower theme!

Copy this theme:

13. Baby It’s Cold Outside

This is the perfect theme for an at-home winter baby shower that’s the perfect combination of cozy and classy. The trick for pulling this theme off is bringing in lots of winter elements such as snowflakes and frosted pinecones!

Copy this theme:

14. Baby on Board

Whether you’re a family that loves to spend time on the beach, live in the coastal town, or just want to bring a bit of sun and sand in your baby shower, this is the perfect theme to go with! It is so unique and not many people go with this theme, so it is sure to wow your guests! Copy this theme by using a combination of navy blue and aquamarine balloons as well as plenty of seashells and starfish props!

Copy this theme:

This post was all about the cutest baby shower themes.

Which one is your favourite, and which one will you use for your baby shower?

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