Job Stability, Increasing Responsibilities: 10 Challenges Boomers And Gen X Are Facing As They Age

As we grow older, we encounter distinct challenges and experiences. For individuals over 40, specific challenges emerge. Here are some of the challenges that people over 40 confront.

Job Stability and Constant Training

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Changing jobs or anything that affects stability can be a concern, and constant training is necessary to stay in your position.

Accumulated Responsibilities

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Things you’ve accumulated, such as children, houses, and investments, have to be paid for and engaged with when you have less energy.

Retirement Money

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Retirement money becomes a concern as you get closer to retirement age.

Feeling Out Of Touch

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“Starting to not understand people younger than you and losing patience with them. You think you are very progressive and you may be, but people younger than you are more progressive and it’s hard to adjust.”


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Feeling out of touch with younger people and dealing with ageism in the workplace can be a challenge.

“As someone soon reaching 50, I am overly aware of the ageism that happens to older adults. I’ve heard so many younger colleagues mention someone being “too experienced” or having concern the person will leave too quickly because of their experience (forget the fact that they themselves aren’t staying anywhere longer than 3 years). What they really mean is, they want someone fun to go to happy hour with after work, and a 55 year old isn’t fun to them.”

Feeling Like You’re Starting Over

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Some say that they feel like they set themselves up badly and that they need to start over at 40.

“For me, it’s the sudden realisation that I set myself up really, really badly. Some of that was out of my control and some wasn’t. So I’m nearing 40 and feel like I’m still starting up in life and that’s scary af.”

Patience with Younger People

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Dealing with younger people and having patience with them can be a challenge as you get older.

“Putting up with people under 40. Seriously, I just feel like a grumpy old man now. I used to think old people were out of touch, and I felt bad for them. Now, as an old guy, I realize that I think everyone under 40 is an idiot and I don’t care about most of the things they care about.”

Watching Parents Age

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Watching your parents turn elderly and dealing with their aging can be a difficult and emotional experience. “One day they were just old. Now they’re really old.”

Loss of Control

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Feeling like you have less control over your life and that nothing really matters can be a challenge as you get older.

“Nothing really matters and you don’t really have much control outside your your extremely small personal circle.”

Physical Limitations

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Dealing with physical limitations and the effects of aging on your body can be a challenge.

“I describe it this way. When I was 20 I could drink for 10 hours, pass out on my friends brick fireplace and use a damp towel as a blanket, wake up at 9am and go play 4 hours of pickup basketball. Now at 43 if I sleep with my sheet slightly tucked wrong under my hip I limp for 2 days.”

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