The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Moms With Young Children

Gift shopping for moms with young kids can be hard. Whether she's a working mom or at home, many gifts can make her feel loved. Here are 8 holiday gift ideas for moms.

Mira At Home Hormone Lab

Looking for a TTC journey gift? Mira is an AI-powered at-home mini-lab letting women track reproductive hormones with 99% accuracy. It tests hormones, pinpoints ovulation and fertile window, monitors early pregnancy, and reveals hormonal imbalances. It's FDA-compliant and OBGYN-recommended.

Buckle Me Baby Sleep Everywhere Sack

Puffy coats pose a car seat risk for kids. The bulkiness can result in dangerous movement during an accident. Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed to prevent this issue and grow with the child.

Olay Super Serum

Olay Super Serum outperforms top luxury serums. With niacinamide, vitamins C & E, collagen peptide & AHA, it improves skin texture & tone, firms & smooths lines, hydrates and maintains younger, healthier skin.

AromaTech AroMini BT

The AroMini BT from AromaTech employs advanced nebulizing technology to subtly scent spaces up to 1,000 sq ft. Its range includes the bestselling and vanilla collections.

The Perfect Rug Kariba Rug

The Perfect Rug offers customizable area rugs for all interiors. Customers can design their perfect rug, like the 100% wool Kariba, for style & comfort.

ChappyWrap Blankets

I love these soft, machine washable blankets. They resist pilling, fuzzing and are durable. Led by a Maine-based mother-daughter team, these 60"x80" blankets offer oversized comfort for any setting.

Caprina Legendary Bubble Bath

Canus products are loved by those using a holistic skincare approach. Caprina leverages goat's milk to deliver moisture, vitamins, and probiotics for skin nourishment. Try their Legendary Bubble Bath for a relaxing stress-free experience.

Revitalash Double Ended Volume Set Mascara

The Revitalash double-ended mascara volumizes, lengthens, curls, and strengthens lashes. It's water-resistant and removes easily with Micellar water. Perfect for busy moms.

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner

Revitalash eyelash conditioner fortifies lashes from root to tip with a unique mix of peptides, vitamins, and conditioners. Enhances fullness and health with regular use.

BeautyFIX by Dermstore

Give the Beautyfix subscription to busy moms. It's a monthly box of full-size/deluxe samples (skin care, hair, makeup). Each box, worth $100+, is curated by beauty experts.


The Tushy bidet converts any toilet into a bidet for a superior number two experience. It's hygienic, skin-friendly, eco-friendly and so easy to use and install. The perfect gift for busy moms!

Stone Hollow Farmstead Gift Boxes

Gift boxes from Stone Hollow Farmstead make perfect holiday gifts. Filled with homemade goodies, produced by a mother/daughter-owned farm known for its award-winning produce and sustainable practices.

Shokz Earphones

Shokz's OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones let you enjoy music or calls and hear your surroundings. Perfect for moms wanting entertainment and awareness.

Sphero Indi At Home Learning Kit

The Sphero Indi At Home Learning Kit promotes creativity and problem-solving for kids. It includes everything for interactive puzzle-solving. A great gift for young moms.

Too Faced Maple Syrup Pancakes Eyeshadow Palette

The Too Faced Maple Syrup Pancakes Eyeshadow Palette is a festive gift for moms who love makeup. Its warm, autumn shades add seasonal flair to makeup routine.

Live Deeply Story Time For Kids

The Story Time For Kids Card Game is an ideal gift for young moms. It encourages conversation and storytelling in children, while also promoting quality time.

The Organic Skin Co – The Good Oil

Organic Skin Co's The Good Oil is a luxurious, nourishing facial oil. Ideal for young moms seeking hydration, organic ingredients, and self-care.

The Organic Skin Co – Vitamin Sea Serum

The Organic Skin Co's Vitamin Sea Serum, made with organic ingredients, is an ideal gift for women desiring a brighter, even skin tone and radiant complexion.

Lumineux Whitening Kit

The Lumineux Whitening Kit comes with everything for a natural, non-sensitive teeth whitening experience. The perfect gift for moms wanting brighter smiles.

Monti Coolers

The new Monti Coolers utilise a light, collapsible design similar to a puffy jacket in a dry bag form, keeping drinks and snacks cold for up to 30 hours. This lightweight, packable, leakproof and collapsible cooler offers convenient storage of perishables.

MYPROTEIN Women’s Nursing Sports Bra

"MP Mama" offers support for moms throughout pregnancy & beyond with their nursing sports bra. It features medium support & adjustable fit.

Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Shampoo

Wake hair up with caffeine-enriched Grow Gorgeous formula for voluminous hair. Added Biotin boosts roots for healthier looking hair.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense

This ultra-concentrated serum, enriched with Chinese Scullcap, Soy, Wheat Sprouts & Green Tea, boosts roots and re-energizes the scalp for fuller, healthier hair.

Mini Mio Moments with Mama Gift Set

Enjoy special moments with Mama Mio’s Moments with Mama kit for both Mom and Baby.

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