“I Wish We Had A Girl” 10 Phrases Parents Say That Hurt a Child’s Self Esteem

Parents can critically influence children's self-esteem. Regrettably, we often say things that harm their confidence. Here are 10 such hurtful remarks by parents.


Man recounts dating a girl, who during an argument was told by her adoptive mom 'Now I know why your parents put you up for adoption'. A shocking moment.

Wishing For Another Gender

“I got ‘I wish we had adopted a girl’ From my dad when I was 16. That was over 3 decades ago and still stings. And now I’m taking care of him in his deeply senile end of life.”

Kicking Out At 18

"My parents counted down to my 18th birthday, reminding me I'd be on my own. This overshadowed my childhood, making me feel unwanted and burdensome."

Constant Blame

“It’s your fault my life is so messed up.”

Constant Criticism

I have custody of my granddaughter. After her parents lost rights, she opted for a haircut she loved but her mother condemned, leaving her crushed.

Ruined Dreams

“My mother told me almost every day that I was the reason she couldn’t go to college and become a lawyer.”

Blame For Divorce

"A child blamed for divorce. This happened to my daughter. I reassure her regularly it's not her fault, but ours. Each time, she cries saying it's her fault."

Not Wanted

“My parents didn’t have to say anything to destroy my self-esteem. They just packed their things and left one day while I was at school. That’ll do the trick real quick.”

Constant Comparison

“Why didn’t you get an A?” or “Why can’t you be like your sister/cousin/other people?”

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