12 Things You Absolutely Need For Your Baby Nursery

Designing a baby nursery can seem daunting. Considerations abound: from must-have items to creating a cozy-chic ambiance. Read on for tips on crafting the perfect baby's room.


A crib, the centerpiece of the baby nursery, needs to be comfortable, safe, sturdy, with a smooth finish, and slats under 2 3/8 inches apart.


A dresser is vital for baby nursery furniture. It stores your little one's essentials. Choose a sturdy one with ample storage.

Changing Table

A must-have for nurseries is a sturdy changing table. It's where you'll change your baby’s diapers and clothes. Consider ones with built-in drawers.

Comfortable Chair for nursing or rocking

A rocking chair, while non-essential, adds comfort to a nursery. It's a cozy spot to rock your baby to sleep. Ensure it's sturdy with a comfortable seat and footrest.

Window treatments

Window treatments for a baby nursery should block light and be easy to use. Consider those with adjustable ties or cords. Related Post: 5 Best Nursery Curtains Blackout To Help Your Baby Stay Asleep

Baby mattress

A baby mattress is vital for your baby's sleep, being a crib necessity. It should be firm and comfy for sound sleep.

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is essential for baby nurseries, storing all needs. Pick one with sturdy material and ample space.

Diaper pail

A diaper pail keeps your nursery tidy, organized & odor-free. Choose one that's sturdy, tightly-lidded & deodorizing.

Diapers & Diapering essentials

Nursery essentials include diapers, wipes, changing pads and diaper bags for a clean, dry baby.

Baby clothing

Essential baby clothing keeps your little one cozy. Choose from various items like onesies, outfits, pairs of socks, booties, and hats.

Sound machine

A sound machine with options like white noise, nature sounds, or music is ideal for baby nurseries. Choose one with a timer for convenience.

Baby monitor

A baby monitor is perfect for overseeing your baby from another room. Consider video, audio, or movement monitors with a two-way talk feature.

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