10 Signs That You’re A Boomer And Gen Z Is Judging You

Generational shifts modify likes and dislikes. Some things remain timeless, while others age. Here are 10 things seniors adore that confuse the youth.

Being the First to Break Bad News

Elderly people enjoy breaking bad news first, especially about neighbors. As a window cleaner shares, if he knew already, they seem disappointed.

Protecting Their Property

Seniors value their property highly. One shares, “A drunk kid fell in my beloved hedge and caused a hole. This incident brought out my inner old.”

Enjoying ‘Old People’ Clothes

Older generations have distinct styles, often labeled as 'old people clothes'. Reactions evolve though, as seen when one person's daughter admitted, "You guys are starting to get some pretty good stuff."

Sitting and Watching the World Go By

In some cultures, older people love observing the world go by. As a Brazilian shares, they sit outside their houses for hours, simply watching life unfold.

Traditional Music

Older generations often enjoy traditional music that the younger ones find unattractive. One person notes a shift in their parents' taste for traditional Vietnamese music over time, anticipating a similar change in their future.

Watching the News

Older people often watch the news constantly, a habit that younger generations find unnecessary.

Playing Slot Machines

Older folks enjoy hours of slot machine play, unlike younger generations. As stated, casino ads depict a joyful youth scene, but reality reveals button-jamming elders.

Sharing Ailments

Elderly often discuss their ailments openly. As a 57 year old shares, “I've vowed not to become one of these over-sharing people.”

Fine China and Silverware

Many seniors value fine china and silverware, seen as unnecessary and outdated by younger generations. One remarks, "It's pretty yet fragile, expensive with little resale value, and virtually useless unless impressing another senior."

Relaxing in a Recliner

Older individuals find relaxation in their recliners, an activity young people deem boring. One shares, "Sitting down in my recliner is glorious. It's nice to just relax."

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