“He Doesn’t Eat What I Cook” She’s Furious That Her Husband Keeps Getting Takeout

When we’re hungry and there’s nothing to eat, we usually get takeout. But what about when there’s a nice warm home cooked meal waiting for us? Do you think it comes across as ungrateful if a person continues to eat takeout when his wife put in the effort to make a nice home cooked meal?

In this case, a woman is furious at her husband for continuously buying takeout when she has put in the effort to cook a nice meal after a long day at work. “I’m a [Registered Nurse] RN, and I work 12-hour shifts mostly. If you’re in the medical field, you know how tiring it is when you just want to come home, take a shower, and sleep because you probably have to do it all over again tomorrow.”

She further explains her situation, saying she has two children and that she is not able to sleep right away after coming home because she has to take care of them. “Most days when I get home from work I cook for everybody and get ready for bed.”

Husband Gets Take Out

“Recently my husbands been seeing me cooking and getting take out,” The RN said.

According to the original poster (OP), the first time he got takeout after seeing her cooking dinner, she didn’t mind. “But now it’s starting to get to me because [he] obviously sees me in here cooking, after a long 12-hour shift” she said, adding that she’s frustrated because it seems like he just doesn’t care that she’s putting in the effort to cook while he goes out and get something to eat. “It just pisses me off,” she ranted.

The OP recounts another experience of when she cooked for him as a nice gesture. “I didn’t work today but [my husband] did, so I thought why not make a nice dinner for him and the kids. I made steak and potatoes with cheese broccoli. If somebody made that for me after work, I’ll be… ecstatic. But he just came home, said ‘hey’ to us, and [left] to get food when he sees that I’m cooking.”

Rightfully so, she started feeling frustrated. Finally she ends her rant by saying, “It’s starting to work my last nerve, so I talked to him about it and he said he didn’t see the big deal. Now I just feel like I should just stop cooking for him.”

There’s A Bigger Problem At Play

Others weigh in at the situation, and one person said, “At first I though you meant he was getting take-out so you wouldn’t have to cook, and I was like “okay, maybe he doesn’t like cooking or is bad at it, and this is his way of helping instead. But you are cooking and he is getting takeout anyway. Time for an actual conversation with him to get to the bottom of this, because he is not being honest with you.”

Another person asked if he gets takeout to eat at home, however OP replied and said her husband eats out but always comes in the house and makes sure she sees see him throwing the food bag away. After this response, many are wondering if there is a bigger problem at play.

One person wondered if he’s either cheating or doing other things aside from eating out. She said, “for him to purposely throw the bag away while she’s watching feels like him liking her negative reaction.” She also added, “It’s one of those things where if she were to tell anyone, it would be easy for her husband to make her look crazy. That’s what my senses are telling me with this.”

In general, people who responded say there’s something going on, like cheating or drugs. However, it is up to the OP to sit down with her husband to figure out what is really going on, because as of now, what he is doing is very disrespectful.

Do you agree with the wife and everyone who responded to the thread? Is it disrespectful, or should she just brush it off?

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