“She Insists I Move” Wife Believes Her Crafts Are More Important Than His Job

Sharing a living space with a partner can be challenging, especially when it comes to dividing space for personal hobbies and work. Recently, a man sought advice on whether he was in the wrong for not giving up his office to be his wife’s craft room.

Husband Sets Up His Home Office

The man, who we’ll call Allan, shares his side of the story. “I started a new job last year that allowed me to work from home most days. Soon after, I turned our main guest room into my office.”

Allan notes that the room is almost the size of the owner’s suite but has no ensuite bathroom. “I admit I could have moved into one of the smaller rooms but was somewhat excited to have my own space complete with a three monitor desk setup, a comfy couch and several shelves of figurines I’ve collected/painted. As part of my job (coding) I often pace around the room for ideas and looking at these shelves (that take up about half the room) gives me alot of joy.”

Wife Has Outgrown Her Craft Room

“Recently my wife who is a very creative person and has dozens of crafty hobbies that she jumps in-between outgrew her craft room that we set up soon after moving here,” Allan said. He notes that the room is half the size of his current office.

Husband Recommends Alternative Solution

“I recommended she use the small room to set up a secondary desk and storage,” Allan said. “I figured this could be nice since she often has several projects going at once and would have to store one away for the other(s).”

Wife Insists on Bigger Room

However, Allan’s wife insists on a bigger room. Their current house has two smaller rooms, one of which is his wife’s current craft room, a slightly larger guest bedroom, his current office, and their owner’s suite.

Because they regularly have guests stay in the other room, he did not suggest his wife take over the guest bedroom and suggested instead that his wife have two smaller, separate crafts room.

However, Allan’s wife insisted on moving into his office. “She insisted that I move my office into one of the smaller rooms and let her have my current room so that our guests wouldn’t have to sleep in a small space.”

Husband Refuses to Give Up Office

“I disagreed vehemently since I spent 50 hours a week in my office and have spent countless hours decorating it in the exact way I wanted it.”

Others Agree With Allan

Many are on Allan’s side, saying that he should not give up his workspace which he uses to generate income for his wife’s hobby.

What would you do in this situation?

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