Wife Asks Husband To Help Her Shave. Husband Says No, Which Leads To A Huge Fight

One husband is wondering if it is absolutely necessary for him to help his pregnant wife shave areas she cannot reach while she is pregnant.

She Asked Her Husband For Help

The relationship between a husband and wife is one that requires a lot of communication and understanding, especially during pregnancy. However, a husband has recently come under fire for refusing to shave his heavily pregnant wife’s intimate areas and not paying for a spa day.

The husband’s wife, Gia, has been struggling to shave her intimate areas and asked her husband to do it for her. However, he refused, stating that “it just grosses me out.”

His refusal led into a massive fight, according to Gia’s husband.

She Suggests That He Pay For Her Spa Day

The issue escalated when Gia floated the idea of a getting a spa day where she could get a wax, but her husband refused to pay for it, stating that she has plenty of money to pay for it if she wishes to go this direction. Again, this led to another fight

Since the incident, the husband has been bombarded with text messages from his wife, who constantly reminds he that he “won’t help his pregnant wife.” However, he maintains that he has been doing everything he can to support her.

While it’s understandable that the husband may feel uncomfortable with the idea of shaving his wife’s intimate areas, it’s important to consider that pregnancy can be a difficult and uncomfortable time for women. It’s also important to note that a spa day or waxing session can help women feel better about themselves during this time.

This situation has sparked a debate and has attracted strong opinions from others.

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Opinions Are Divided

Many of the comments on the Reddit post criticized the husband for his lack of empathy towards his pregnant wife. One user wrote, “This entire post is heading in the direction of ‘it is her job to care for the baby, since I have an actual job‘. Let’s wait and see [how this goes] in 4 months.”

Another user pointed out that while it’s understandable to have boundaries, the husband’s refusal to pay for a spa day for his wife is unreasonable. They wrote, “A bikini wax is obviously not going to break the bank for you and your wife is pregnant, hormonal and trying to confirm that you’ll be there for her before, during and after the birth.”

However, some users defended the husband’s right to have boundaries. One user wrote, “Not wanting to shave a fully grown adult’s intimate area is entirely different from cleaning your baby’s bottom.”

The same user went on, “[He] provides his wife with plenty of fun money. If she wants to wax or shave herself it’s not unreasonable to request she use her fun money to do so. While for some it is a hygiene thing, it’s not actually needed to remain hygienic, thus expecting her to use fun money isn’t unreasonable.” They went on to say that the husband has the right to refuse, even if they are married. “He is obligated to help ensure her physical needs are met, but again, this isn’t a need it’s a want. She is pregnant and entitled to a little coddling, but demanding it is certainly going too far.”

Another person pointed out, “I have no issue changing my son’s diapers or cleaning up his vomit. You can be weirded out by one thing and ok with other things even if they are “more gross”.”

This article has been inspired by Reddit and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Arnie Nicola

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  1. There is absolutely no obligation – married or not, pregnant or not – to shave another person’s private areas NEVER! I commend the husband for being honest about his wife’s request rather than telling her he will do it for her and then putting it off, time after time. If she has a certain budget for personal expenses/fun stuff, this would come under the same budget line as a manicure or pedicure. As to some of the comments that imply or outright say that this husband will probably turn out to be a poor father because he does not want to shave his wife, there is no correlation – changing your baby’s diaper because it is soiled is not the same as shaving for your wife’s intimate area because that is her preference.

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