Gender Reveal Theme Ideas And Alternatives to a Gender Reveal

This post is all about gender reveal theme ideas and also what to do instead of a gender reveal party.

Are you nearing your 20th week of pregnancy and your ultrasound appointment when you will finally find out your baby’s gender? If you are, you’re also probably starting to wonder whether or not you should do a gender reveal party. In this post, I will talk about what to do instead of a gender reveal party.

What’s wrong with having a gender reveal party anyway?

In recent years, there’s been scrutiny with gender reveal parties, especially with some well-known gender reveals that have actually caused wild fires. But in all honesty, there’s really nothing inherently wrong with having a gender reveal party. If you are a new parent, you may find yourself excited to do all the things during your pregnancy. If this is the case, throwing a gender reveal party may just seem like a logical thing to do.

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About Gender Reveals:

Is a gender reveal the same as a baby shower?

No, a gender reveal is not the same as a baby shower.

Whereas a baby shower is typically done closer to the birth of the baby and in order to help the expecting (often first time) parents to accumulate the items they may need when the baby arrives, a gender reveal party’s main purpose is to celebrate the pregnancy and add a bit of excitement to the pregnancy as family and friends try to guess what the gender of the baby is.

Do you give gifts to the expecting couple for a gender reveal?

No, you don’t have to give gifts to the expecting couple if you plan on attending the gender reveal. The point of doing a gender reveal is just that: to find out the gender. If you don’t want to arrive empty handed, bringing your favourite dish or dessert will go a long way, or even a small gift for the expecting couple. But remember: gifts aren’t mandatory here!

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Who throws the gender reveal party?

Typically, the expecting parents are the ones who plan and throw the gender reveal party. Of course, if the expectant parents want to take part in the gender reveal (ie: not know what the gender is before the big reveal), then they will have to ask for help from a best friend or grandparent to keep the secret and make arrangements to purchase the poppers, cakes or balloons to be used for the actual reveal.

What kinds of food should you serve at a gender reveal?

You could really serve any types of food at your gender reveal. Appetizers, main courses, easy desserts, etc. – anything goes. Whatever food you normally serve at a typical party will work at your gender reveal.

One thing you could do is serve seasonal food – for example, serve hearty food such as soup and or roast beef if you are having your gender reveal in the fall or winter. If your gender reveal is in the summer, serve food from the barbeque!

What games do you play at a gender reveal?

Games are not expected at a gender reveal. The main purpose of a gender reveal part is to mostly socialize. If you do want to play games, ask your guests to dress in the colour that they think the gender will be.

Do men go to gender reveal parties?

Yes – if they want! Gender reveals and baby showers are typically female dominated, but men are always welcome!

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party?

Gender reveals are typically done at least 20 weeks into the pregnancy, when the expectant mother goes for her second ultrasound and finally finds out the gender of the baby. Some couples wait a little longer to do a gender reveal. However, if you are planning to have a gender reveal party, make sure not to do it too close to your baby shower. For example, if you plan on having your baby shower a month before your due date, have your gender reveal party a month or two before that. This is so that you can have time to rest in between planning your parties.

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Alternatives to having a Gender Reveal Party:

alternative gender reveal ideas

Now that all your questions about gender reveal parties have been answered, here are the alternatives to having a gender reveal party.

1. Pregnancy Reveal Party

If you haven’t told your family or close friends about your pregnancy yet, why not throw a simple dinner or brunch together with your closest family and friends, and announce the news to everyone at the same time? It’s much simpler (and requires much less effort) than throwing a gender reveal party, plus everyone in your close circle will LOVE the announcement and can share in your joy with you!

2. Gender Reveal Photoshoot

Like I’ve previously stated, gender reveal parties sometimes take way more effort than they need to. So, if you don’t want to exert too much effort, why not have a gender reveal photoshoot instead? You won’t have to worry about being a great hostess, nor would you have to worry about what to feed your guests, and you will have beautiful photos to boot! Here’s a couple of gender reveal photoshoots I am loving:

Get a gender reveal confetti powder for your photoshoot:

3. Social Media Pregnancy Reveal Reels

Take a few short clips of you and your growing belly, throw everything together and add music on Tiktok or Instagram Reels, and voila! You have a unique pregnancy reveal that everyone who’s following you can see! Plus, it’s such a great memory to look back on! Here’s the social media pregnancy reveal my husband and I did:

@arnienicola Hello world! 👋 👶 @ar100220 #preggytiktok ♬ Make You Mine – PUBLIC
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4. Reveal the Gender Privately Between You and Your Husband

If you are a private person, you can simply ask your OB to write the gender in an envelope for you and your partner to open together in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes, doing things with your partner is the best thing, and if you want to keep your baby’s gender reveal intimate, then that’s perfectly fine!

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5. Let Your Parents Pop The Gender Reveal Poppers

I love this idea. Why not purchase a pair of gender reveal poppers, go to a park and let your parents (future grandparents) to do the honours of revealing the gender? That way they can take part in ‘revealing the gender’ of your future baby!

Bonus: Do Nothing

Who says you have to do a gender reveal at all? If you don’t want to find the gender until your baby’s birth, that’s fine, or if you just want to know right then and there during your doctor’s appointment, then so be it! Don’t let today’s trend dictate your pregnancy!

If You Still Want To Have A Gender Reveal...

Hey, if you still want to do a gender reveal, you should definitely go for it! Here are some items I absolutely recommend to have a fun gender reveal:

Gender Reveal Voting Board:

Team Girl/Team Boy Pins

Last but not least, I love these different ways of revealing the gender:

gender reveal themes

My Favourite Gender Reveal Themes

And while we’re on the topic, here are my favorite gender reveal themes:

What Will You Bee?

This bee gender reveal theme is cute, so unique, and perfect for a summer gender reveal! Use beige, whites, yellow and black balloons and decoration for this theme.

Twinkle Little Star

This whimsical gender reveal theme is super cute and is actually the theme I used for my own gender reveal It’s easy to decorate with this theme because you can use pink and blue balloons, just make sure they’re pastel colors to give it a dreamy feel.

Neutral, Oh Baby!

If you’re obsessed with neutrals, this is the theme for you. Use light browns and peaches, and lots of pampas when using this theme. And the awesome thing about this is that you can use the pampas as home decor after your party is done.

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This post was all about what to do instead of a gender reveal party.

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