What is expected at a gender reveal party?

A reveal party (more commonly known as a gender reveal party) is a special occasion to celebrate the gender of an unborn baby. It’s typically held during the second trimester of pregnancy and attended by close family members, friends and other well-wishers.

The expectant parents usually don’t know the gender of their baby until they host the party, where they will pop a balloon, cut a cake or pop confetti to announce the baby’s gender in front of everyone in attendance. In general, the guests expect to find out the baby’s gender at a reveal party, however guests are not expected to bring gifts for the parents-to-be since a baby shower is typically done a couple of months after a gender reveal. Reveal parties are filled with excitement, anticipation, and joy as guests await to find out if it’s a boy or girl. From decorating in pink or blue to planning fun activities for all ages, there are many creative ways that you can make your reveal party memorable for all involved.

What is expected at a gender reveal party?

What do guests do at a gender reveal party?

At a gender reveal party, guests often participate in games and activities to guess the baby’s gender. The expectant parents can also plan fun decorations that hint at the gender such as blue-themed or pink-themed balloons, tablecloths, banners and other accessories.

Guests can find out the baby’s gender when the expectant parents cuts int a cake, or opens a box containing items of blue or pink. There may also be an opportunity to take pictures with props and dress up like the baby’s gender. Finally, guests can offer congratulatory wishes to the parents-to-be as they prepare for their new addition.

What are you supposed to do at a gender reveal party?

At a gender reveal party, guests’ main job is to have fun and celebrate with the expectant parents. It’s important to come prepared for any games or activities that may be planned. Guests are also sometimes asked by the expecting parents to dress in the color that they think the baby’s gender is going to be. For example, if a guest thinks the baby’s gender is a boy, the guest should dress in a blue shirt or dress.

Guests could also ring a gender-neutral gift for the baby (think diapers, onesies, blankets), although it is not required or expected. As previously stated, the main job of guests at a gender reveal is to have fun and support the expectant parents in their celebration of their baby.

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Are gifts expected at a reveal party?

As a general rule, gifts are not expected at a reveal party, since a baby shower where gifts are expected is typically held a couple of months after the reveal party. With that said, while gifts are certainly not required at gender reveal parties, they are definitely appreciated! Guests can bring gender-neutral presents such as onesies, blankets and toys. If you choose not to give a gift, that’s totally fine too!

No matter how you choose to show your support for the expectant parents, your presence and attendance at the gender reveal party is always a wonderful way to show your excitement for their new addition.

What activities can you do at a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties can be as creative or traditional as you like! You can plan gender-specific decorations, games and activities for all ages.

Some popular gender reveal party activities include:

  • gender guessing games such as pin the bow on the baby
  • cake cutting
  • scavenger hunts
  • photo booth with props
  • gender revealing pinatas, balloons or confetti

These are just some activity ideas you can do at a gender reveal party. Finally, don’t forget to capture the moment when the gender is revealed with pictures and videos!

Do guests bring anything to a gender reveal party?

Guests are typically not expected to bring anything to gender reveal parties. If you feel awkward coming to the party empty-handed, you can bring food or drinks to be enjoyed by everyone at the party. If you so desire, you can also bring gender-neutral gifts for the baby, which is always appreciated.

However, do not feel compelled to bring anything to a gender reveal party, because more often than not, the expectant parents just want an excuse to celebrate their baby at gender reveal parties, and are not looking to receive gifts in return.

Do the parents know at a gender reveal party?

The gender of the baby is usually kept a secret until the gender reveal party. The expectant parents typically do not know the gender beforehand, as they want to experience the surprise just like their guests. However, some couples may choose to find out the gender ahead of time and keep it a secret for everyone else. In this case, the gender reveal party is still a great way for the expecting parents to celebrate this special moment with their loved ones!

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Do you serve food at a gender reveal party?

Yes, gender reveal parties are typically accompanied by food. Depending on the time of day and location, you can serve anything from light snacks to a full-blown dinner. Most often than not, gender reveal parties turn into potlucks where guests bring a dish of their choice to the expectant parents’ home to be enjoyed by everyone.

When selecting your menu, opt for gender-neutral colors such as yellow, white and green. Additionally, you can also incorporate gender-specific desserts and drinks such as pink cupcakes or blue punch to provide hints as to the gender of the baby. No matter what you choose, food is a great way to make gender reveal parties even more special!

Who throws a baby gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is usually thrown by the expectant parents, but close friends and family members may also take part in the planning process. Grandparents, aunts and uncles can often be seen helping out with decorations and activities. Some gender reveal parties are held as small gatherings while others are more elaborate events complete with catering and entertainment.

What are you supposed to wear to a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are typically casual events so you can choose to wear any outfit that is weather appropriate. The expecting parents also sometimes ask guests to wear gender-specific clothing such as pink dresses or blue shirts depending on their guess of what the gender of the baby is. However, since gender reveal parties are usually informal gatherings, feel free to express your own personal style and show off your gender reveal party spirit!

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