What activities to do at a gender reveal party?

Are you getting ready to celebrate the exciting news of a new baby on its way? If so, then a gender reveal party is the perfect way to share this special moment with your family and friends. A gender reveal party allows everyone to join in the anticipation and excitement of finding out whether your little bundle of joy will be a boy or girl.

But what activities can you do at a gender reveal party? Here are some fun ideas for activities that can help make your gender reveal party one to remember.

What activities to do at a gender reveal party

What activities to do at a gender reveal party?

Here are some activities you can do at a gender reveal party:

  1. Have a Decorating Contest: Guests can decorate an area with either pink or blue decorations, depending on the gender of the baby, and create a fun and festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Set Up Games: Include some fun games that encourage guests to guess the gender of the baby, like Pin the Bow.
  3. Play Baby Reveal Trivia: Have guests answer trivia questions about baby-related topics, such as nursery rhymes and baby products.
  4. Take a Vote: Ask each guest to vote for either blue or pink on cards in preparation for the big reveal.
  5. Gender Reveal Word Scramble: Print out some gender reveal word scrambles and have guests try to unscramble them for a fun and interactive activity.
  6. Musical Chairs: Set up some chairs in two circles and have everyone “race” for a seat when the music stops. Whoever is left without a chair is out of the game.
  7. Have a Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props and decorations such as giant question marks, balloons, and banners that fit your theme.

How do you make sure your gender reveal is fun?

To make sure that your gender reveal party is fun and memorable, try to include activities that will get everyone excited and involved. Think of creative ways to guess the gender of the baby, like trivia or guessing games, and be sure to plan plenty of time for photos. Encourage guests to dress up in blue or pink clothing, or provide props and decorations so they can have fun posing for pictures. And don’t forget to set aside time for everyone to share their excited reactions when you finally reveal the gender of the baby.

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How do you entertain guests at a gender reveal party?

To keep your guests entertained at a gender reveal party, make sure that you have a plan for the order of events at your party. For example, you can start with a cocktail hour where guests can mingle, drink punch and take photos by the photobooth. Then you can begin eating, and then have games before ending the event with the big reveal!

What kind of games can you play at a gender reveal party?

Here are some ideas for games you can play at your gender reveal party:

  1. Pin the Bow
  2. Baby Reveal Trivia
  3. Vote for either blue or pink cards
  4. Gender Reveal Word Scramble
  5. Memory Guess Game (have guests write down their guess on a piece of paper and see who can remember who guessed what gender at the end)
  6. Name That Baby Item (have guests name various baby items from pictures)
  7. Picture Matching Game (match up baby-related pictures with their names)
  8. Drawing Contest (guests draw what they think the baby will look like when it is born).

What are good prizes for gender reveal games?

If you do decide to play games at your gender reveal party, make sure you have prizes for the winners! Here are a few ideas of good prizes you can give the winners:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Candles or spa products
  3. Chocolate boxes or other sweets
  4. Picture frames or photo albums
  5. Personalized mugs

What food to serve at gender reveal?

Here are some food ideas you can serve at a gender reveal party:

  1. Gender reveal cupcakes
  2. Colorful fruit skewers
  3. Mini donuts with colored sprinkles
  4. Cheese and meat platter
  5. Veggie platter with blue/pink dip options
  6. BBQ sliders
  7. Pink lemonade or blue punch drinks
  8. Chocolate covered pretzels in pink/blue colors

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Gender reveal party ideas for indoors

At a gender reveal party indoors, there are many creative and fun activities to keep everyone entertained. To start things off, guests can place their guesses as to the gender of the baby in a decorative bowl or container. A great way to get guests involved is to have a game like “Name That Baby Item” where guests must guess different baby items from a picture you provide. Consider also playing trivia (with questions related to parenting and babies), making video messages for the parents-to-be, having guests unscramble gender reveal word puzzles, and having a color-guessing contest.

To make the event even more special, you can decorate the party space with decorations that reflect the gender of your baby such as blue or pink balloons and streamers. You can also set up a photo booth complete with props and décor to capture all the excited reactions of your family and friends. Finally, when it’s time to reveal the gender, you can have guests vote on either blue or pink cards before the big reveal.

Homemade Gender Reveal Games

Here are some homemade gender reveal games you can try at your own party:

  1. Gender Reveal Charades: Have guests act out various baby-related words and have everyone else guess the gender of the word they are acting out.
  2. Baby Bingo: Create bingo cards with items related to either a baby boy or a baby girl and have guests mark off squares as you reveal them one by one. Winner gets a prize!
  3. Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt: Hide clues around the house that reveal facts about either blue or pink items and have guests race to find them all!
  4. Baby Pictionary: Have guests draw pictures of baby-related items without saying what they are, and have everyone guess what it is they’re drawing.
  5. What’s In The Box: Make a box filled with either boy or girl items and have guests guess what it is without looking inside. Winner gets the prize!

Easy Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Here are some other easy gender reveal game ideas you can try:

  1. Baby Word Scramble: Create a list of baby-related words and scramble the letters for guests to unscramble.
  2. Trivia Challenge: Create trivia questions related to babies, parenting, and gender reveals and have players compete against each other to see who knows the most!
  3. Name That Baby Item: Put up a photograph of various baby items and have guests guess what each one is.
  4. Match The Mommy & Daddy: Have each guest match the parents-to-be with their baby item (like a diaper, onesie, or bottle)
  5. Pin The Bow On The Baby: Just like classic pin the tail on the donkey, except have guests try to pin a blue or pink bow onto an image of the baby.
  6. Guess How Many: Fill a jar with either blue or pink candies and have guests guess how many are in the jar.
  7. Baby Pic Puzzle: Cut up a photo of either a baby boy or girl and have guests put it back together to reveal the gender!

Icebreaker Games For Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular as a way to share the joy of learning the gender of your baby with family and friends. Whether you’re looking for some fun activities or just want to make sure everyone has a good time, these icebreaker games for gender reveals will help get your guests in the mood.

  1. Name That Tune: Play snippets of songs and have your guests guess the song title.
  2. Baby Emoji Game: Create an emoji puzzle with either blue or pink emojis and have guests guess what it is.
  3. Baby Gender Trivia: Test your guests’ knowledge of baby gender trivia questions!
  4. Baby Word Search: Create a word search with words related to either boy or girl and have guests race to find them all first.

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What activities to do at a gender reveal party

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