Wondering When to Buy Maternity Bra? – The Best Maternity Bra Guide

Do I need a maternity bra? If you are pregnant, you may notice that your breasts have grown larger and are more sensitive.

When should I buy a maternity bra? Ideally, you should start wearing a maternity bra when you first start to notice changes in your breasts.

Benefits of using a maternity bra? A maternity bra provides more support than a regular bra. – It can help to prevent sagging breasts after pregnancy. SWIPE UP to know more!

How do I know what size maternity bra to buy when pregnant? Your bra size will increase when you are pregnant, so it is important to get measured by a professional when you are looking for a new maternity bra.

When should I stop wearing a maternity bra? This is usually around 6-8 weeks after giving birth if you are not breastfeeding, but it can vary from woman to woman. 

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