You Don’t Want To Sit Next To These People On Your Next Flight

Here are some of the worst kinds of people to be sat next to on a long flight.

The Smelly Person

As one person put it, “I’d take a big person over a smelly person, nothing is worse than someone who smells badly and you’re trapped…. Total violation of the senses.”

The Chatty Cathy

As one person said, “Someone who is hell-bent on “chatting” when your whole demeanor screams “leave me alone”.”

The Sick Person

Being stuck next to someone who is coughing, sneezing, or just generally unwell can make a long flight feel like a nightmare.

The Perfume-Wearer

Being stuck next to someone who wears too much perfume or cologne can be overwhelming and unpleasant.

The Snuggler

As one person said, “A snuggler” is the worst kind of person to be sat next to on a long flight, especially if it’s a total stranger!