Yes, They Named Their Children Bow and Ty - The Worst Sibling Set Names You've Ever Heard Of

"I used to work in a kid’s dental office and the sibling set names were wild sometimes. 

Bentley, Hudson And Victoria

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Whisper, October, and Midnight

"Some were awful like the siblings named Whisper, October, and Midnight (all boys) who’s parents were big Tim Burton fans."

Bow and Arrow

Okay, weird spelling, but at least it kind of resembles Beau and you wouldn’t know the difference unless you saw it spelled out.  


"I know someone who named their kids Bo and Ty. Bowtie." 

Great Aunts

"I have great aunts named Opal and Pearl on one side and Constance, Patience and Temperance on the other." 

Liberty, Freedom, and Justice

"I went to school on an army base with three sisters named Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. They kind of rocked them, though." 

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

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