From Car Seats To Choking Hazards: Life-Saving Baby Tips Every Parent Should Know

While going down the slide with your baby may seem like a fun activity, it can be dangerous. 

Don't Go Down the Slide with Your Baby

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Cold Babies Cry, Hot Babies Die

It's important to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature. If your baby is too cold, they'll cry to let you know.

Take a Baby/Child First Aid Class

Taking a baby/child first aid class can teach you how to handle situations like choking, insect bites, and CPR. It could literally save your child's life. 

Use Car Seats Correctly

Make sure your car seat is clicked into a base or stroller before putting your baby in it. If it's not clicked in, it's not at a safe incline for your baby to sleep in.  

Keep One Car Door Open

This way, no one can get stuck in the car, even with a lock malfunction or door jam. 

Watch Out for Hair Tourniquets

Long human hairs can wrap around your baby's appendages too tightly, cutting off circulation and causing them to cry. 

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