She Is Furious That He Keeps Getting Takeout – Is It Her Cooking, Or Is There A More Sinister Reason?

In this case, a woman is furious at her husband for continuously buying takeout when she has put in the effort to cook a nice meal after a long day at work.

Husband Gets  Take Out

According to the original poster (OP), the first time he got takeout after seeing her cooking dinner, she didn’t mind. “But now it’s starting to get to me because [he] obviously sees me in here cooking, after a long 12-hour shift” she said

The OP recounts another experience of when she cooked for him as a nice gesture. “I didn’t work today but [my husband] did, so I thought why not make a nice dinner for him and the kids.

Others weigh in at the situation, and one person said, “At first I though you meant he was getting take-out so you wouldn’t have to cook, and I was like “okay, maybe he doesn’t like cooking or is bad at it, and this is his way of helping instead.

There’s A Bigger Problem At Play

Another person asked if he gets takeout to eat at home, however OP replied and said her husband eats out but always comes in the house

There’s A Bigger Problem At Play

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