Woke Millennials Share Their Most Conservative Opinions - They Might Surprise You

Gender Pronoun

One person shared that while they have no issue with using preferred pronouns, they don't see the need for overly precious language like "chestfeeding" or "birthing person." 

Foreign Aid

Another person shared that they don't believe we should be sending billions of dollars in aid to other countries when we can't even take care of ourselves. 

Political Correctness

Another said that sometimes political correctness language is just plain annoying. "Sometimes political correctness language just gets a ginormous eye roll from me. 

Gender Ideology

"Gender ideology has gotten crazy. I am not saying Trans people don't exist, but between the new identities and pronouns like xe xim and the issue..."

Cultural Relativism

Another person shared that sometimes, certain cultures or aspects of cultures can be empirically more unhealthy or harmful to human lives than others. 

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