Who Should Attend a Gender Reveal Party?

The couple often invites people they know will be supportive and enthusiastic about the news, as well as those who can help them celebrate the new addition to their family.

Do guests bring anything to a gender reveal party?

This is completely optional, however, and not necessary at all. Guests can simply come along to share in the joy of the moment and help celebrate this special occasion!

What color to wear to a gender reveal party?

There is no set dress code for a gender reveal party, so guests can feel free to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

What to do when you are not invited to gender reveal party?

If you are not invited to a gender reveal party, it’s important to not feel offended.

What should be included in the gender reveal invitation?

A gender reveal invitation should include all the necessary details about the event, such as the date, time and location of the party.

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