Do The Parents Know The Gender At A Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties are an exciting way for friends and family to join in on discovering this special news together.

Who finds out the gender for a gender reveal party?

In recent years, the responsibility of keeping the gender secret as well as the planning of gender reveals have fallen to close relatives or friends of the expectant parents.

How does gender reveal parties work?

The parents will have their gender results given to them by their OBGYN in a sealed envelope, which they can hand off to a trusted person until the big day.

What not to wear to a gender reveal?

Sometimes, the parents-to-be encourages guests to wear either a color based on what the guests’ think the baby’s gender will be (ie. blue for boy, pink for girl).

Who is responsible for keeping the baby gender a secret?

Generally, the expecting parents will have the gender results in an envelope that they hand off to a trusted family member or friend

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are planned anytime between the beginning of the second trimester to the end of the second trimester.

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